ADIFF Film Festival

Dublin is a busy and lively city. Many things are going around and very often you may have missed fantastic events such a film festival. From 16-26 February you have a chance to attend the international film festival ADIFF, which takes place every year in February. However, ADIFF not only provides good entertainment by watching the movies. Taking part in such an  event is a great opportunity to learn not only about international talented directors, actors and writers, but also gain a knowledge about different cultures and social issues. Undoubtedly, this kind of experience will broaden your mind while entertaining you which is a superb combination.

Everyone will find something for themselves. ADIFF Film Festival is divided into, experience, time of day, categories, and date. You may find movies for instance from Irish cinema, documentaries shorts, Horror and Thrills, Slice of Life or Music and more. Also you’re able to download a pdf of the full programme from the website, which is very convenient.

Although is’t not an ordinary film festival where you may find only movies to watch. ADIFF provides “industry events” and “workshops and talks” in order to extend the possibility to learn more about how the movie industry works. In the industry events section you are able to find an interesting workshop entitled “ Working with actors. A masterclass with Terry Fox” which takes place 17th of February. Terry Fox is well-known actress, who acted in An Angel in my Table or Shallow Grave. If you decide to take part in the workshops, you will hear a story about working with actors, leading to better communication and creative process of filmmaking. Another interesting workshop will be day after with the producer of thought-provoking and mysterious movie “Without Name”, which is highly recommended to attend

Taking part in Workshops and Talks will give you an amazing time as well. There are 10 workshops in which you can find useful and fascinating information. “Let’s talk about drugs” certainly is worthy of a mention. It’s a competition for youngsters related to drug and alcohol use providing by It gives a chance to see how young people see using drugs, which in future would be useful to improve help for addicted teenegers.

The festival is not only focused on movies with actors, animation is included as well. Also it’s not only for adults. If your child is fond of animation, they should join in “Fantastic Flix- Storyboard Workshops – The breadwinner”. It’s another animated movie by Oscar Saloon who is the director of the world-famous “Song of the sea”. Additionally you learn about life in Afghanistan from the viewpoint of a girl and with what she has to struggle after the arrest of her dad.

Tickets are around 7-15 euro. For children and students 5 euro.

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