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Get your dancing shoes on: Dublin’s best dance classes

By Carlotta Cutrale / January 20, 2020

Dance undoubtedly mirrors the people and the traditions of a certain country. If you feel like putting on your lucky shoes and unleashing your wildest moves, take a look at these dance schools in Dublin. Between Salsa, Bachata, Irish Dance, Flamenco and Pizzica, you’ll be spoilt for choice.  January comes for everyone. And who among […]


Metalhead Series: 7 Post Metal bands from Ireland

By Jacqueline Russe / January 13, 2020

Had enough of mainstream heavy metal? Listen to these seven incredible post metal bands from Ireland. If you are not a fan of the hard guitar riffs, screams and growls associated with the more “heavy” metal, then this will probably be something for you. Post metal is still seen as a subgenre of metal, using […]


Month of music: gigs in Dublin January, 2020

By Emma Grove / January 8, 2020

Looking for gigs in Dublin this January? It’s 2020 and there are tonnes of acts coming to town this month! Start your new year right with moving and shaking at some of Dublin’s most anticipated performances. Bonus: every event listed is less than €20. Without further ado, here’s Dublin’s hottest gigs in January 2020! New […]


Top 5 events 26rd of December

By Luana Borges / December 26, 2019

  Top 5 events 26rd of December In this Thursday after Christmas, Babylon Radio provides you with the TOP 5 EVENTS for today. You just have to choose! What will you do today? Levon Vincent, Perc & Subject DJs at Wigwam Subject return to Middle Abbey Street for a Twisted Pepper-esque, access all area’s, St. […]


Windmill Lane Recording Studio tours now open

By Carlotta Cutrale / December 19, 2019

Music in Ireland is a big deal. This amazing country, made up of scholars and storytellers, is soaked in arts and music, with many opportunities for artists, producers and enthusiasts to express their craft. One of their sacred temples, Windmill Lane Recording Studios in Dublin, is now opening its doors for exclusive tours to the […]


Grafton Street in 5 songs: A tribute, a wonderland, and a proposal

By Peter Dlhopolec / December 17, 2019

Listen to five songs about Dublin’s famous Grafton Street.    Grafton Street is one of the main tourist attractions and shopping streets in Ireland’s capital of Dublin. It is famous for its buskers, who sing just a few tens of metres away from each other. The Grafton magic features also in a few pop songs. […]


Karaoke bars in Dublin

By Jacqueline Russe / December 13, 2019

Don’t have any plans for New Year’s yet? Why not try partying in one of these karaoke bars in Dublin? I was told to stop singing Wonderwall. I said maybe… Not sure how to spend New Year’s Eve in Dublin? Why not do some karaoke with friends in one of the many karaoke bars in […]


Metalhead Series: 9 alternative metal bands from Ireland

By Jacqueline Russe / December 9, 2019

Had enough of annoying Christmas jingles? No problem, just listen to some alternative metal! There are a great number of excellent alternative metal bands from Ireland that you could listen to instead. Alternative metal is a fusion that mixes heavy metal with influences from alternative rock and other genres you would normally not associate with […]


Irish Christmas songs and carols from the 17th century to today

By Emma Grove / December 3, 2019

Irish Christmas songs and carols are enjoyed worldwide throughout the holiday season. How did this seasonal musical tradition emerge in Ireland? Read more to find out!   Irish Christmas songs have been a feature of holiday celebrations dating back centuries. Fun fact of the day: Christmas carolling as we know it is rooted in pagan […]


Metalhead Series: 9 Metalcore Bands from Ireland

By Jacqueline Russe / November 29, 2019

We already had a look at the metalcore bands hailing from Dublin, but what about the rest of Ireland? The metal scene in Ireland is surprisingly diverse for such a small island, and especially surprising for a subgenre like metalcore. From the more melodic mixtures of alternative metal and metalcore, to heavy deathcore, there is […]

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