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Top 10 up and coming Irish artists

By Emily Booth / July 16, 2020

From Snow Patrol, to Sinead O’Connor, Fontaines DC, to Van Morrison. Ireland is home to a vast number of now world-wide loved artists, of all different decades and genres.  Despite it’s history of trad music, artists in Ireland have and continue to diversify their sound, making it one of the most exciting places for emerging […]


Celtronic 2020 – Together:Apart – virtually!

By Niall Ó Brolcháin / July 1, 2020

Celtronic 2020 – Together:Apart started last night.  It will celebrate 20 years of electronic dance music.  For the next six days and nights, more than 60 artists from across the world will come together to celebrate 20 years of Ireland’s leading electronic music festival, Celtronic.  For the last 20 years, music fans from Derry and […]


Irish music through the decades

By Sean Quigley / June 29, 2020

Many people think of Irish music as traditional only: country style music with an orchestra of traditional instruments, mostly singing rebel songs. The truth couldn’t be further away, however. Over the last 50 years, music in Ireland has had an explosion of talent in many genres. The 70s saw the dawn of punk music and […]


The landscape of live music during Covid-19

By Fiona Clancy / June 22, 2020

The Arts have always been the thing we turn to when the mind needs an escape. Whether it’s music, tv, books or films, we need the Arts more than ever during this pandemic. However the creative industries are going to suffer in the longer term due to the Covid-19 crisis. Social distancing will be with us […]


The slow but steady return of Gaeilge in Ireland

By Conor Lynch / June 18, 2020

Honesty: who wants it? Hands up! Okay, okay! A little secret: the truth is that, these days, almost every Irish person will scoff at the common “do you speak or know any Irish” question. Quite sad really when you think about it, isn’t it? Quite sad it is that the beautiful Gaeilge language, for various […]


Jack’s COVID-19 music self-care

By Conor Lynch / May 22, 2020

County Cork-born musician Jack O’Rourke has certainly made the most of his time spent in lockdown during this global pandemic, indulging in what one can call a COVID-19 music self-care journey. Secondary school teacher by day, O’Rourke now has the time to turn his attention to his eclectic music with influences ranging from blues to […]


Metalhead Series: 5 Doom Metal bands from Ireland

By Jacqueline Russe / February 25, 2020

This is a fitting heavy metal genre for the ending of our incredible Metalhead Series, with five doom metal bands from Ireland! Doom metal is one of the more depressive genres of heavy metal, as opposed to the more aggressive style of most metal genres. Both the music and the lyrics try to evoke a […]


These 10 Irish songs of 2019 should be on your playlist

By Peter Dlhopolec / February 18, 2020

Vote for the Irish Song of 2019 and help your favourite Irish artist win an RTÉ Choice Music Prize. Ireland’s RTÉ Choice Music Prize, an organisation showcasing the best of Irish music, is coming back again to celebrate best songs and albums of 2019. The Irish Album of the Year award is chosen from a […]

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