All City: Dublin’s Best Record and Spray Paint Shop

Founded in 2001, All City is a record shop and spray paint shop unlike any other in the Dublin area. As a record shop, they are renowned for their underground selection of artists and genres and recognised as one of the world’s best record shops. Then for its spray paint part, the shop stocks urban art supplies including spray paint, markers, and sketching products, also acting as the official seller of Montana Colors brand spray paint. In addition, this shop houses Faction Barbershop, which is at the basement level of the All City shop itself.

All City – Record Shop

Image: The Vinyl Factory

The record shop component of All City is known as All City Records. All City Records sells vinyls from a wide array of genres, with a particular focus on Techno, House, Bass, Drum and Bass as genres this record store specializes in. One example of a popular record in the record shop is the EP Basement Life from 1999 by Visitor (pictured below), as one of a number of techno records they have in stock.

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Image: Instagram

Beyond the four main genres this shop focuses on, they also have a number of other genres on offer too. The instrumental piano jazz record Scenery (1976) by pianist Ryo Fukui is one such example. This record hails from the Blue Notes golden late 60s to early 70s era as a must-have for all jazz enthusiasts.

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Image: Instagram

Accompanying their record collection, the shop has a section dedicated to stock of DJ gear. This includes products like needles and cleaning supplies to keep your record player/DJ setup clean. All City Records is also a record label that has been around since 2003, acting as “a meeting point for record enthusiasts, graffiti and street artists, promoters and DJs” in the words of Jack Needham.

All City – Graffiti Shop


All City Graffiti then, is the spray paint, marker, and illustration part of All City. The colours they have to offer are all under the brand Montana Colours, with some of the offered products from this range being Montana 94, Montana Hardcore, and Montana Waterbased to list a few. The Montana Hardcore Orange spray paint can be seen below as one of the colours available in this specific range. 

Image: All City Graffiti

For its marker offerings, the graffiti shop sells a myriad of different marker types. To name one kind of marker, its uniPOSCA range is one of the most commonly available brands in store. The uniPOSCA PC-5M – Brown marker (in the image below) is a medium tip marker offering a balanced feel to the hands of the graffiti artist.

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Image: All City Graffiti

Illustration supplies are another selling point of All City Graffiti. Inclusive of the markers, the shop sells colouring books as one of the other products to compliment their available products. The Nychos Anatomy Colouring Book (as shown below) is a stand-out offering out of the colouring books on offer, boasting 31 illustrations by the illustrator Nychos over a 60 page long book on uncoated white paper.

Image: All City Graffiti

All City – Faction Barbershop

3 100 Archive 2019 Faction 3
Image: 100 Archive

Faction Barbershop is a barber shop just downstairs as you enter All City worth mentioning because of their shared space. While you’re there for the music or the urban art supplies, Faction Barbershop acts as a complimentary “concept space” in which customers can come down to get a trim. Places do fill up quickly for appointments though, so be sure to arrange yours if you want that accompanying your record/urban art shopping here.

What All City offers musicians, music aficionados, and urban artists is a world-class shopping experience of records, spray paint, markers, and illustration materials. The number of genres on offer from their record selection, and then the top brand quality of the street art supplies gives their market audience a strong incentive to shop there. A whole creative space of music and urban art awaits.

Address: 4 Crow St, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, D02 AF84

Opening Hours:

Monday – Saturday: 10am – 6:30pm

Sunday: 12am – 6pm

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