Matthew Lehane

Matthew Lehane

An upcoming MA graduate in New Media and Digital Culture in Utrecht University, with a BA in English, Media and Cultural Studies from IADT, and a QQI Level 5 qualification in Arts, Culture, and History from DFEI. The topics written (and edited) to date for Babylon Radio range from film, tourism, and photography, with a broader range to come during this internship and in future work.

The 5 Best Hostels in Dublin

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Hostels in Dublin are usually the cheaper accommodation option, compared to the prices of hotels in the Dublin area. They also offer unique social opportunities with their shared rooms and facilities that hotels don’t quite have when measured up to…

The 10 Best Hotels in Dublin

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Finding a hotel (or some form of accommodation) in Dublin should be one of the first things organised well in advance of your stay in this city. It is also important to find a hotel which offers quality and value…

Top 10 Irish Actors in Film

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Ireland as a place for Irish actors in cinema can be seen within both minor and major roles, and in films of the past, more recently and upcoming films. With that in mind, it’s worth having the conversation of which…

Fibber Magees: The Best Alternative Bar in Dublin

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Dublin has many different bars/nightclubs (including alternative places like Fibber Magees), ranking as the seventh best city in Europe for nightlife. Although Ireland’s capital city offers mainstream places, it also offers an alternative scene that should not be overlooked. Fibber…

Top 10 Great Places to Visit in Smithfield

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Within the Dublin City Centre and the greater Dublin area, there are a number of mainstream and more niche attractions for tourists and residents, including Smithfield. Smithfield is one of the attractions in the Dublin City Centre that stands as…