Anything, but without “gear”

Clarkson, Hammond, and May struggle to name their new car show on Amazon.

BBC silenced some skeptics when it released its first trailer for the new Chris Evans-led Top Gear, but Amazon doesn’t want you to forget about the original trio: Clarkson, Hammond, and May. No, there isn’t a teaser for their new high-profile car show on Amazon Instant Video, but we do get to see some of their classic banter in what appears to be the first video promotion for the new show.

In the clip, the three presenters poke fun at each other as they struggle — mightily — with coming up with a name for their show. It’s all fun and games, but naming the show might not be a trivial matter: Jeremy Clarkson claimed on Twitter that they are forbidden from using the word “gear” in the name, for fear of incurring the legal wrath of the BBC. Whatever the name turns out to be, the show is expected to premiere sometime later this year — shooting is currently underway.



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