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Returning home after one year: The moment of relief

By Pauline Stahl / May 17, 2021

One year of video calls, one year of not seeing family and friends in my home country. After waiting for months the German government has now decided to lift it’s travel restrictions. For me that was the moment I realized: I’m finally able to return home.  When I returned to Dublin in June last year, […]


New law opens the Irish e-scooter market

By Nicole Hennessy / May 10, 2021

E-scooters are finally being legislated for in Ireland. Although a lack of legislation has not stopped people using privately-owned e-scooters on roads across Ireland, it has so far prevented rental companies, such as Lime and Bird, from entering the market. So, what will change when the new laws come in? And what does the bill […]


Protecting animals: Ireland’s first wildlife hospital

By Pauline Stahl / May 6, 2021

Since the pandemic, working from home and lacking social contact, more and more people have discovered nature for themselves. With that also comes an increasing awareness of animals living on land and in the sea – especially when they’re injured. In Ireland’s first wildlife hospital, staff and volunteers are busier than ever. Where people once […]


Ireland and the UNSC: What Now, What Next?

By Sonia / April 13, 2021

Amidst a raging pandemic, Ireland took up its seat as an elected member of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) for the 2021-2022 term on 1 January 2021. Four months on, where are we today and what is next?  The 15-member UN Security Council is the most powerful body in the UN system. In terms […]


Post-Brexit: riots in Belfast and Derry

By Pauline Stahl / April 9, 2021

The Northern Ireland Protocol was not only intended to regulate traffic and trade between Great Britain and Ireland post-Brexit. It was also supposed to prevent old conflicts on the island from flaring up again. Current unrest in Northern Ireland shows that this is precisely what has happened. Throughout last week, nationalist and loyalist youths clashed […]


Taiwan begs people to stop adopting the name “Salmon”

By Emma Monaghan / March 26, 2021

Officials in Taiwan recently issued an unusual request. They are begging people to stop applying to formally change their name to include the word “salmon”.   This follows the Akindo Sushiro restaurant chain announcing a special all-you-can-eat deal for anyone with the Chinese characters for salmon (guīyú 鮭魚) on their ID card: all the sushi “Salmon” […]


Mamma Mia! Japan opens world’s first Super Nintendo World

By Emma Monaghan / March 23, 2021

Universal Studios Japan have opened the gates to the much anticipated Super Nintendo World in Osaka. Following the alleviation of major covid-19 restrictions in Osaka, Super Nintendo World opened to the public on 18 March and beloved childhood characters are set to raise the people’s spirits after lockdown.  Why Are Esports So Popular? A reaction […]

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