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Ireland must do more to tackle racism and hate crime

By Peter Dlhopolec / December 4, 2019

Travellers, Roma, and people of African decent in Ireland face racism and hate crime most often. Ireland is not doing enough to bury racism and hate crime faced by minorities within its legal and institutional framework, the United Nations (UN) said after reviewing the latest report by the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission (IHREC) […]


The Irish expected to work 37 years in their life

By Peter Dlhopolec / November 25, 2019

The number of years Irish people spend at work during their life keeps rising, the EU’s latest data shows. Irish people, who are now 15 years old, are expected to work 37 years of their life, the EU Statistical Office (Eurostat) has revealed. It is more than in 2009 when the length of working years […]


Irish among the world’s top 10 nationalities

By Peter Dlhopolec / November 22, 2019

French nationality has been ranked as the world’s best eight times in a row. The world does not provide equal opportunities to people, a recent Quality of Nationality Index (QNI) has shown. The index, which ranks nationalities on the basis of legal status, studied and compared internal and external factors, such as peace and visa-free […]


Dunnes dominates Ireland’s grocery market

By Peter Dlhopolec / November 20, 2019

A total of five retail chains share out the grocery market in Ireland. Although Dunnes and SuperValu are the biggest Irish grocery market chains in Ireland, it is non-Irish retailers that have most increased their sales in the last 12 weeks to early November 2019. The latest data by Kantar also shows that people hit […]


Ireland’s Hidden Homeless: LGBT+ Youth

By Leora Mansoor / November 4, 2019

I met a girl recently who when we spoke, I realised was in an almost identical living situation to the one I had been in only a couple of weeks ago. Like me, she was living in Dublin hostels and using these temporary homes as a base to get to work every day.  Anyone who […]


Celtic Ghost Towns: The Estates Ireland Forgot About

By Leora Mansoor / October 16, 2019

From churches to barnyards, outhouses, factories and unidentified piles of stone. All you have to do is drive through Ireland to know that it’s a graveyard of ruins. They seemed so romantic and mysterious to me as a child. I remember how I would implore my dad to stop the car and let me out, […]


The secrets to living in Ireland as an Afghan

By Ayomide Akinshilo / October 13, 2019

Living in Ireland as an Afghan is not as enjoyable as it is expected according to the Afghan Community and Cultural Association of Ireland.  According to an April 2016 data released by the Central Statistic office, there are about 1,272 Afghans living in Ireland. That number has only increased in subsequent years.  The Afghan community […]

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