Armenia – the first Christian country

Apparently, Armenia is the first country which adopted Christianity. Historians believe that Christianity appeared in the country in 301 AD.  Nowadays, the religion gathers around 95% believers.

According to stories and legends, the Armenian Apostolic Church was Gregory, who is supposed to have been executed along with his father, due to the crimes his father committed. Fortunately, Gregory was able to flee. After some time, he came back to Armenia to convince the king to adopt Christianity. However, when the king realized that the man who arrived was the man who was supposed to be executed, he decided to imprison him. After 13 years Gregory was released and managed to convince the king to adopt Christianity.

One of the most popular remains of the adoption of Christianity is the capital city Yerevan, which is called “holy city”. There, the St. Gayana church is situated, which is considered a UNESCO World heritage. Another important place, which is on the UNESCO list  are prayer caves which were built in the 4 century.


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