Arts and Crafts Stores in Ireland

Christmas is the time to get creative. Can’t find a fitting present for a friend or family member? No problem, just make one yourself with materials from one of these Arts and Crafts Stores in Ireland.

Sometimes it can be really hard to find the perfect gift for a person. Store-bought things are all nice and well but can feel a bit thoughtless at times. So, why not make the present yourself? It shows that you put some thought and effort into getting a gift for the person, and, in the age of environmental awareness, it also avoids all the annoying plastic packaging most things seem to be wrapped in nowadays. It will probably be cheaper as well. Here are seven arts and crafts stores in Ireland for you to find the materials for your project.

Arts and Crafts Stores in Ireland

Art & Hobby

Art & Hobby is one of the biggest retailers in Ireland selling art materials, craft supplies, hobby and educational products as well as a wide range of toys and gifts. You can find a store in almost every bigger city in Ireland. The shop has an incredible selection of art and craft supplies but especially caters to children’s needs with its toys, for both inside and out, and school art supplies.

You can find a store near you here. Opening hours can vary from store to store.


Vibes and Scribes

Located in the heart of the city of Cork, Vibes and Scribes sells art and craft supplies, wool, fabric, haberdashery and upholstery supplies. It also has an online shop that ships both locally and internationally. Their prices are competitively low and the variety of items offered is ample both online and in the shop itself. The shop is also the largest retainer of Irish wool from counties like Donegal, Kerry and Killarney as well as Cork itself.

Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 9.30am-6pm; Sunday 12pm-6pm

Address: 3 Bridge Street, Victorian Quarter, Cork

Contact: +353 (0)21 450 5370


Silkes Arts and Crafts

Silkes Arts and Crafts was founded in 1999 by Owen Silke in Limerick. Since then it has grown into one of Ireland’s leading suppliers of arts and crafts with friendly customer service and competitive pricing. They offer a sizable list of craft materials both online and in-store ranging from stylish embellishments to brand names such as Faber Castell, Winsor & Newton, Fimo and many more.

Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 9am-5.30pm; Closed on Sundays

Address: 64 Catherine Street, Limerick

Contact: +353 (0)61 417 997


K&M Evans Arts Supplies

Established in 1910 by Hugh Evans, K&M Evans Art Supplies is a family-run business which has been in the same family for four generations. The shop is often described as an “Aladdin’s cave” for artists, hobbyists and students alike. They offer an unrivalled number of products and brands ranging from budget to high-end both online and in-store. You can find everything from the finest paints over glitter and polystyrene shapes to packaging materials.

Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-5.30pm; Saturday 10am-4pm

Address: 5-6 Meetinghouse Lane, Mary’s Abbey, Dublin 7

Contact: +353 (0)1 872 6855


The Crafty Fox

The Crafty Fox retail outlet is in the heart of Drogheda, County Louth. They are a specialist supplier of fabrics made for both quilting and crafting and offer one of the largest craft cotton fabric selections in Ireland. You can find everything from different ribbons to high-quality fabrics and yarns either in their store in Drogheda or online. The Crafty Fox also runs regular workshops and classes for crafting and sharing ideas and advice.

Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 9.30am-5.30pm

Address: 51 Saint Laurence Street, Drogheda, Co. Louth

Contact: +353 (0)41 987 3616


Killusty Crafts Store

Killusty Crafts was created to bring top-quality craft materials to crafters in Ireland and in the world. It does not matter whether you are an experienced crafter or a novice, you can find everything there to get you started. The shop particularly focuses on selling card-making materials in beautiful colours and patterns which are certainly worth checking out.

Contact: +353 (0)87 778 3596


Craftworld, originally one of the departments in Northern Ireland’s most famous toy shop, Leisureworld, was established in 1976. The shop is located in the heart of Belfast and is a treasure trove for all arts and craft lovers. Whether you are knitting your own clothes or customizing already existing ones or just need some inspiration for a new project, you will find something there to help you.

Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 9.30am-5.30pm; Closed on Sundays

Address: 23-29 Queen Street, Belfast

Contact: +44 (0)28 9024 9000


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