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Kings of Leon – When You See Yourself – Album Review

By Aron Debreceni / March 12, 2021

On 5 March, the southern rock band Kings of Leon released their latest album When You See Yourself via RCA Records. The record was recorded at Blackbird Studios, in Nashville, Tennessee, and is quite a pleasant comeback from them after five years. The album contains musical influences that come from the Nashville scene. The unique […]


Mountains of the Moon – The Purl – Single Review

By Aron Debreceni / March 1, 2021

Mountains of the Moon have dropped their latest single on Spotify on the 27th of January 2021. It is called The Purl. This Stockholm-based indie-folk band was founded in 2015 and since then they released several records including Caterpillar that became critically acclaimed and established a stable position for them within the indie-folk scene in […]


Taylor Swift’s folklore and evermore review

By Laurine Tiran / February 22, 2021

In 2020, Taylor Swift released two surprise albums, folklore and evermore. Here’s a double review, because it is difficult to talk about one without talking about the other.    Doing a folklore and evermore review seems to be the most logical way to address these two records because they just hit differently together. In a […]


Mandolin Orange: Tides of a Teardrop – Album Review

By Aron Debreceni / February 21, 2021

Have you ever seen the plains of the Deep South, or the Appalachian mountains? No? This record might bring you a little measure of them. Mandolin Orange is an American,  North Carolina-based folk-duo, consisting of Emily Frantz (vocals, violin, guitar) and Andrew Marlin (vocals, mandolin, banjo, guitar) who released their album Tides of a Teardrop […]


Ben Howard: Crowhurst’s Meme – Single Review

By Aron Debreceni / February 14, 2021

The English singer-songwriter, Ben Howard returned and published his new single “Crowhurst’s Meme” on the 2nd of February. This track is a little introduction, a prologue that was perhaps intended to show what we might expect from the artist’s next album, Collections from the Whiteout.  This single has got the elements of indie-folk which are […]


Don’t Starve : a game of surviving

By Alexiane Bacle / October 25, 2020

As the world is heading back into lockdown, I decided to go back to an old game of mine. Don’t Starve, by Klei Entertainment, kept me up at night for many years. From surviving to thriving, this game will let you escape reality.  Don’t Starve was launched in 2013 by Klei Entertainment, an independent game […]


Best Coffee Spots in South Dublin

By Katy Thornton / September 15, 2020

Looking for some great coffee spots in South Dublin, but want to avoid going to a popular chain? With the likes of Starbucks and Insomnia popping up on every available corner (with there sometimes being two to a street) it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find good quality coffee out there. Sometimes it is just easier […]


The rise of social media businesses

By Katie Boland / August 20, 2020

Did you know that, according to the SFA, spending just and extra €20 in a small business each week for 12 weeks would generate €874 million for small Irish businesses? Such a little amount each week that will put the much-needed revenue back into our country. With fast fashion in trouble, social media businesses seem […]

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