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Fernanda Otero


St. Stephen’s Day and January sales 2019

By Fernanda Otero / December 23, 2019

Christmas hasn’t even arrived and already we are talking about the sales which are just around the corner. Even though we are still a few days out, a lot of retailers have decided to kick things off early, with the St. Stephen’s Day and January sales in Ireland 2019. Shopping, shopping shopping, that’s what Christmas […]


Newgrange winter solstice 2019

By Fernanda Otero / December 20, 2019

Newgrange winter solstice is upon us again. Newgrange is probably the best known megalithic monument in Ireland, with its most famous feature the illumination of the inner passage during the mornings of the winter solstice. Newgrange winter solstice is a sight not to be missed. The winter solstice in the northern hemisphere is just around […]


Avoiding Seasonal Affective Disorder

By Fernanda Otero / December 17, 2019

Get away from  Seasonal Affective Disorder during the wintertime When it comes to describing and talking about wintertime diseases, what we instantly picture is an image of the flu, cold, bed and tea. If you come from a tropical country as I do, these are the most common health problems related to this charming and romantic […]