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Noel Murphy


Hip-Hop and Non-Stop Dublin Tradition

By Noel Murphy / September 17, 2020

“Raised on songs and stories, heroes of renown. The passing tales of glory, that once was Dublin town.”   Dublin has always been a hotbed of artists, writers, critics, thinkers, and indeed drinkers. From James Joyce to Imelda May, from Brendan Behan to Glen Hansard, we have always been a city to tell it how […]


COVID 19 and Irish Theatre-What next?

By Noel Murphy / September 8, 2020

  Theatre in Ireland has been through a lot since it was first introduced by Scottish poet John Ogilby in the 17th century. His theatre, the first official theatre in Ireland was eventually shut down by puritans in 1641. When the monarchy was restored under Charles II the love affair with the theatre was also […]