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How does your country view immigrants?

By Seamus Holland / October 24, 2015

Germany, Britain and America have the most positive views of immigrants, whereas Greece and Italy have the most negative views. The U.S. is home to world’s largest immigrant population (41 million), and is of course the largest economy of all countries included, but views of immigrants are divided. Half (51%) of Americans think said immigrants make the U.S. stronger […]


Johan Cruyff is reported to have been diagnosed with lung cancer

By Seamus Holland / October 22, 2015

The Dutch Master, Johan Cruyff, has been diagnosed with lung cancer, say reports in Spain. On Tuesday the 68-year-old was diagnosed and is now doing tests to discover how serious the illness is. Cruyff helped The Netherlands to get to the World Cup final in Germany in 1974, where they were beaten by the hosts. […]


What are the world’s most globalised countries?

By Seamus Holland / October 21, 2015

The most globalised countries in the world have been announced in the KOF index, and Ireland is on top of the table. Ireland got the highest score in the KOF index of the 207 countries, with a score of 91.30 – coming in ahead of The Netherlands (91.23) and Belgium (91.00) to the top position. […]

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