Seamus Holland

Seamus Holland


Europeans Fear Trump Win

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People in the UK, Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway believe that Donald Trump would be a “terrible” Commander in Chief. Europeans think that Clinton is the more competent candidate across a wide range of issues. Nearly two thirds…

Rather Gather Festival


What would you Rather Do? Rather than hanging out with artists and art aficionados in a field? Rather Gather is a festival run by volunteers of various ethnicities. Their aim is to send art supplies and instruments to refugees who…

Northern Europe Best for Working Women

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For The United Nations’ International Women’s Day today, we have a chart which shows where women have the best chances of being treated equally at work. It combines information on education, labour-force participation, salaries, child-care rates, maternity benefits, business-school students…

How Powerful Is Your Passport?

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A passport from a country with a good relationship with others is a powerful tool, allowing you to travel across borders easily. The ranking displays which passports give you the best mobility, depending on how many countries you can visit…

How does your country view immigrants?

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Germany, Britain and America have the most positive views of immigrants, whereas Greece and Italy have the most negative views. The U.S. is home to world’s largest immigrant population (41 million), and is of course the largest economy of all countries included, but views…