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Yawei Cheng

Bilingual Translator & Article Writer based in Taiwan


Coronavirus: Deflecting the truth or power over lives?

By Yawei Cheng / February 22, 2020

There are conflicting reports about the situation in Wuhan. How much of what we are being told is true and how does the official report stack up against what is being said on the ground. Our reporter in Taiwan gives us the details. Covid-19 disease, known as 2019-nCoV, has grown to be a global public […]


Coronavirus: The dark light on the year’s Spring Festival

By Yawei Cheng / January 30, 2020

As the coronavirus health epidemic spreads around the globe, we get perspective on the feeling from the ground in Wuhan as the Chinese government locks down the city and its citizens suffer the consequences. The Spring Festival is annually a big traditional festival for Chinese all over the world. The holiday of Lunar New Year […]