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A group of Georgians and Albanians deported from Ireland

By Peter Dlhopolec / December 5, 2019

Ireland has deported 23 Georgian and Albanian nationals. The Department of Justice and Equality said it deported 23 people from Ireland on December 4 in cooperation with Belgium, Iceland, and the EU Border and Coast Guard Agency known as Frontex. A group of 23 people, of which 19 were men, came from Georgia and Albania. […]


Ireland reports 120,000 unemployed people this November

By Peter Dlhopolec / December 4, 2019

Ireland claimed less than 5% of unemployed in November. Ireland’s unemployment rate did not change in November and remains at the same level as the previous month of 2019, 4.8%, standing at a near 13-year low, according to the Central Statistics Office. The number of unemployed, however, rose by 100 job seekers in the above […]


Keeping it green and clean: recycling rules in Dublin

By Emma Grove / December 4, 2019

Recycling rules in Dublin are hard to navigate. What can you recycle at home versus what goes to a centre, versus what’s not recycling at all? The list goes on and on. Here at Babylon we want to help you keep things clean and green with our guide to recycling rules in Dublin.   Recycling […]


Have yourself a merry green Christmas: A guide

By Carlotta Cutrale / December 4, 2019

Christmas can be a joyful and affectionate time for many. But it is also a difficult time for raising awareness about the environment. Looking for some tips on how to reduce your impact on Mama Earth this festive season? Check out this guide on how to have a very green Christmas. Christmas is not just […]


Ireland must do more to tackle racism and hate crime

By Peter Dlhopolec / December 4, 2019

Travellers, Roma, and people of African decent in Ireland face racism and hate crime most often. Ireland is not doing enough to bury racism and hate crime faced by minorities within its legal and institutional framework, the United Nations (UN) said after reviewing the latest report by the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission (IHREC) […]


Juneyao Air will fly between Dublin and Shanghai from 2020

By Peter Dlhopolec / December 2, 2019

Juneyao Air flights from Dublin to China’s largest city will launch in March 2020. Chinese airliner Juneyao Air will launch bi­-weekly flights between Dublin and China’s largest city, Shanghai,  on March 29. “We see strong demand for travel between Ireland and Shanghai, and we are sure that this new service will grow the market by […]


Mobile phone plans in Ireland compared

By Emma Grove / November 26, 2019

When comparing mobile phone plans in Ireland, between regional coverage, fair usage, prepay or bill pay, there’s much to consider. Here’s a guide to help! Have you just arrived and are looking for mobile phone plans in Ireland? Or maybe you’re looking to switch providers? With nine mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) each offering a […]


Getting a driving licence in Ireland

By Jacqueline Russe / November 26, 2019

Getting a driving licence in Ireland can be a long and slightly complicated process if you don’t know how the application procedure works. Before you can have a driving licence, you first need to get a learner permit. You are allowed to drive with a learner permit, but there are some restrictions. If you have […]

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