Climate Change: Extreme Climate

The University of Oxford and World Weather Attribution in United Kingdom released a new meteorological report on 27th July. It said that the high-in-temperature summer in Europe, estimates heatwaves in Europe will be more common in the future. This is one of the results of global warming.


This summer, Scandinavian countries in Northern Europe, including Denmark, Norway and Sweden, are shrouded with high pressure, which incur high temperatures in summertime and prolonged drought. Conversely, in southern Europe, it is abnormally wet and high in humidity. Moreover, in June, the thunderstorm had made great loss in agriculture in France.


Researchers at the University of Oxford and World Weather Attribution compared the observation data of seven weather stations in Europe with the previous records, as well as organizing the related prediction results for analysis. Two of the weather stations located in Finland, and the remaining ones located in Denmark, Ireland, The Netherlands, Norway and Sweden. Their historical records can trace back one hundred years.


The data show that our Earth is undoubtedly becoming warmer and warmer. This year, some weather stations have recorded the highest degrees in continuous three days , which is the highest point in history. Researchers indicate that this is only a preliminary analysis. After further investigations and studies, the result will be shown on the Scientific Journal of University of Oxford.


Researchers point out that the data of summer temperature in four stations in Finland, Norway and Sweden, vary a lot by comparing to the previous records. This implies the possibility of heatwaves is rising. The records shown in Netherlands, Denmark and Ireland show a significant rising trend, which imply that the possibility of heatwaves and climate change incurred by human activities.


From the above data, we can see that our Earth is having a “fever”. If the “fever” continues, the present extreme weather could be a normal phenomenon for the next generation in the future. Michael Mann, American Climate Scientist indicated that, “If humans are not going to reduce the release of carbon, or other greenhouse gases, the heatwave we are suffering at the moment, will be considered as “normal summer” in the few decades for our next generation.”


A Greek wildfire caused 76 deads. 39 degrees in Germany caused the river level to drop in The Rhine and Elbe. This led to lots of fish dying in the river and crops withered. More and more accidents are happening in Europe due to the heatwave. Myles Allen, Climate Scientist in University of Oxford, warned that extreme climate is the result of a culpable fault done by humans.

Chloe Li
Chloe Li

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