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Dublin Fringe Festival 2021 – Interview with Ruth McGowan

By Natalie Madden / September 9, 2021

The beloved arts fest Dublin Fringe Festival returns for its 27th year next week, bringing a wide range of performances in an array of spaces around Dublin. In anticipation of the festival’s opening I chatted with Ruth McGowan, the festival’s director. We talked about how COVID-19 has changed performing arts and the energy of ‘superflux,’ […]


What’s on in Ireland this September

By Natalie Madden / August 25, 2021

Good news, everyone! With COVID restrictions finally easing, there are finally places to go and things to do! September is packed with activities for everyone. From arts and culture to food and music, next month is jam-packed with events all around the country. Here’s an overview of what’s on next month, with the most interesting […]


Pubs reopening in Ireland: What can we expect?

By Christine Brungard / June 6, 2021

Since Leo Varadkar has confirmed outdoor service in pubs, we all have been excited and been counting down the days until the reopening of our favourite pubs. Since March last year pubs have been closed and only recently have started serving drinks over the hatch. Before Christmas last year, pubs could reopen for a short […]


Kickass KinMX: “There’s much more to come this summer”

By Niall Coen / May 6, 2021

Kathrina Rupit aka KinMX has been adding to the gaiety of the nation for more than a decade with her public art. These days, KinMX is an internationally renowned painter, and distinguished in collage and digital art besides. Kathrina claims Mayan culture among her influences and this explains her pseudonym, KinMX. MX alludes to her […]


Feature: New Music from Elga Fox

By KathyAnn Murphy / April 24, 2021

Elga Fox is a musician living in Dublin. With new music on the way, I spoke with Fox about her upcoming single launch, how she got into music, and her love for her growing fan base online. When did you first start playing music? “I first started playing music about 10 years ago. I took […]


Re-opening of the National Gallery of Ireland

By Gandharva Joshi / April 22, 2021

The much awaited phased re-opening of The National Gallery of Ireland is on track for May 2021. What changes can the public expect? And what’s on display?  Re-opening of the gallery 2021   As with most of the Mondrians, Jack B. Yeats hangs in the empty halls of the National Gallery of Ireland, but news of […]


Review: Stage to Screen, Romeo and Juliet at the National

By KathyAnn Murphy / April 15, 2021

Theatres across the globe have been gathering dust over the past year, and bar a few online streams, the majority of small scale theatres have taken a hit financially. This has led to numerous closures. Not only has this had a grave affect on the businesses that run these theatres, but also on everyone who […]


Mamma Mia! Japan opens world’s first Super Nintendo World

By Emma Monaghan / March 23, 2021

Universal Studios Japan have opened the gates to the much anticipated Super Nintendo World in Osaka. Following the alleviation of major covid-19 restrictions in Osaka, Super Nintendo World opened to the public on 18 March and beloved childhood characters are set to raise the people’s spirits after lockdown.  Why Are Esports So Popular? A reaction […]


Paddy’s Day Delight : Online Theatre

By KathyAnn Murphy / March 15, 2021

St. Patrick’s Day is approaching and it’s a very different occasion to prior years. I’m sure some of us will have zoom drinks or hang decorations around the house to celebrate in something like the normal way.We all share a common memory of the typical country town Paddy’s Day parade with tractors and lorries passing […]

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