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Review: Stage to Screen, Romeo and Juliet at the National

By KathyAnn Murphy / April 15, 2021

Theatres across the globe have been gathering dust over the past year, and bar a few online streams, the majority of small scale theatres have taken a hit financially. This has led to numerous closures. Not only has this had a grave affect on the businesses that run these theatres, but also on everyone who […]


Mamma Mia! Japan opens world’s first Super Nintendo World

By Emma Monaghan / March 23, 2021

Universal Studios Japan have opened the gates to the much anticipated Super Nintendo World in Osaka. Following the alleviation of major covid-19 restrictions in Osaka, Super Nintendo World opened to the public on 18 March and beloved childhood characters are set to raise the people’s spirits after lockdown.  Why Are Esports So Popular? A reaction […]


Paddy’s Day Delight : Online Theatre

By KathyAnn Murphy / March 15, 2021

St. Patrick’s Day is approaching and it’s a very different occasion to prior years. I’m sure some of us will have zoom drinks or hang decorations around the house to celebrate in something like the normal way.We all share a common memory of the typical country town Paddy’s Day parade with tractors and lorries passing […]


Pretend It’s a City: Discovering Fran Lebowitz

By Emma Monaghan / February 12, 2021

For me, when you love movies, Martin Scorsese becomes a household name like Wes Anderson or Spielberg. But until last month, my unenlightened ears had never heard the name Fran Lebowitz before. The woman, the wordsmith, the suit-jacket-and-cufflinks-wearing legendary contrarian. Fran Lebowitz is a New Yorker now in her 70s, and Netflix introduced me to […]


Exploring the golden age of television

By Sean Barrett / February 4, 2021

The golden age of television is a name presented to a period spanning two decades, from the early 2000s to the present. This article hopes to answer an often-asked question: “Are we still currently living in the golden age of television, or has the sunset finally begun to set on this era of quality television?” […]


Babylon Webinar- February 2021

By Joe Kannoth / February 3, 2021

Our February webinar features the topics of participation in music production programs and general employment training for people seeking employment and asylum in Ireland. Our guest for this webinar is Gavin Timlin who is the founder of ‘Training and Services Leading to Integration’ and ‘’ As the founder of CreateSound, Gavin Timlin will be discussing […]


Christmas in Dublin 2020 – What’s On

By Michaela Moriarty / November 26, 2020

What a year 2020 has been. As the year draws to an end, a lot of people are left wondering, what will there be to do this year for Christmas? Check out some of the ideas below! Film/Television Late Late Toy Show The Late Late Toy Show will indeed be going ahead this year! A […]


The importance of holiday cheer

By Sol Natalia Dieguez / November 24, 2020

The twinkle lights, stunning decor, delicious food, joyful songs, family reunions, and the additional drive to give and receive. Those are all nice things that encompass the holidays, right? But why do we look forward to them so much? Holiday cheer is the answer.    What even is holiday cheer in the first place?  Holiday […]


All you need to know about Science Week 2020

By Judit Sadurni / November 10, 2020

What is Science Week? Science Week is an event held every November in Ireland. Its objective is to promote popular interest in science during a whole week of events and workshops. This year’s 2020 is the 25th anniversary of Science Week, and its goal is to offer a range of opportunities for the public to […]

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