Comedian Who Doesn’t Run For Fun

Eddie Izzard has completed his challenge in South Africa to run 27 marathons in 27 days for Sport Relief.


The 27 marathons were intended to reflect the 27 years Mr Mandela had spent in prison before becoming South Africa’s first black president.


“That was very, very tough” – said Izzard after the end of last marathon. “It’s been the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Thank you to everyone who has donated and don’t do this at home”.


The comedian’s endurance feat raised more than £1.35m. The 2016 Sport Relief (charity for which Izzard has made his marathons) total stands at £56,984,007.


Meanwhile, the general public have been taking part in a variety of events to further raise money for Sport Relief.


The Sainsbury’s Sport Relief Games have seen people carrying out sponsored runs, swims, walks and bike rides.


In London, comedienne Jo Brand – who recently completed a 135-mile walk which raised £1,159,220 – visited the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to take part in the events.


She said: “My feet felt like they’d been lightly blowtorched for a week after my challenge, but they’re alright now”.


“Comedy is a great weapon of attack. It’s not a great weapon of support” – Izzard once said and was absolutely right. That’s why has ran this 27 marathons.



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