The dark world of Michał Mozolewski

Michał Mozolewski is a Polish artist from Gdańsk, who specializes in digital art. His art mostly depicts female naked bodies which have been deformed by lines. Perfection mixed with imperfection make the artist’s work unique and interesting. Darkness, pain, light, boundaries of reality, that’s what characterises Mozolewski art.

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What is more, while admiring his art, you are able to notice a silent scream coming out from pictures as well as bright light warming up depicted naked bodies. The artist perfectly portrays the dark melody of feelings, surrounded by small pieces of bright hope.

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Eyes reflect on the soul…In Mozolewski art faces distorted by lines reflected on the dark soul and world of ecstasy and mingle with mystery.

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You can easily immerse yourself in his creepy, dark twisted art of beauty.

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