David McGrath – Interview with a Life Coach

Everybody needs a coach!

Our interviewee of the week is David McGrath.

David McGrath is the director and founder of Better Life Abroad (BLA)- a strategic life and career coaching service for professionals living abroad.

Today, people everywhere are experiencing the influence of greater global interconnectivity in their lives, either at home, at work, in their relationships or elsewhere, that is why McGrath set up Better Life Abroad, with the purpose of helping people who settle down in foreign lands to overcome the challenges they face and get the most from their experiences.

BLA is for professionals living away from home who want to experience more fulfilment, more meaning and more joy.

A bit about the Coach:

David McGrath, life coach.
David McGrath. Image: Andreina Gonzalez.

McGrath is someone who really thrives on what life is and wants to understand what life is really about.
“I am quite a creative person and after I finished my Graphic design studies I was looking for solutions that the experience of life doesn’t always answer”, he told us.
“I decided to do something different. So, I travelled abroad looking for experiences that allow for challenges. And even though it is not always easy, I’ve got the opportunity to grow and test and see how much more of myself I can be”.

He explains, his mission is to support others in realising their true potential.

McGrath is an educator and trainer and has been working with individuals who have moved abroad and are in need of coaching since 2016.
It was a realisation. Being an immigrant himself made him think as the outsider for the first time.

The service:

Set to help people around the world that are planning on moving abroad ‘Better Life Abroad’ was founded. In 2016 McGrath decided to use his coaching skills to support his colleagues’ choices in career and personal lives. Now, he has helped over 100 individuals who took the decision of their life and struggle for a while with it.

As one of his clients put it, McGrath “uses a methodology that generates effective conversations, identification and reformulation of values, goals and searches for effective and transformative solutions.”
Another one said, “Life and career coaching sessions with David can be so extremely helpful. He is very positive and realistic at the same time. He also has a very easy way to make us realise things and to keep track of them with his written feedback”.

Most people leave their countries with a plan but forget about the emotional factors that are carried around. There are languages barriers, cultural and weather conditions, but also a surge of homesickness, a sense of belonging (or lack of it), and different struggles of getting accustomed.

We live in a globalised world, and the chances that an individual moves abroad is ten times higher than it was 10 years ago. McGrath helps these people to focus and to take effective steps towards creating a life of fulfilment.

What is Coaching?

Many people are afraid of seeking coaching services as they feel there is nothing wrong with them, and in general, there is a lack of understanding of what coaching actually means.

According to the Collins Dictionary, Coaching is “the act of giving a person special teaching in a particular subject, esp in order to prepare him or her for an examination”
Good coaching provides a practical perspective and an opportunity for growth based on specific areas that an individual wishes to improve; but those criteria are established by the individual, not by the coach.

Coaching is the mechanism to help you achieve the success you define for yourself, the coach is the ally that helps get you there.

For McGrath, Coaching helps people to recognise and understand what’s going on in their life right now and to take action to create lasting change so that they can experience the results they want.

As Bill Gates once said, if we get people to give us feedback, we will improve!

Everyone Needs a Coach – including Bill Gates and Eric Schmidt from Dave Gambrill on Vimeo.


For some people, it may seem a bit strange, but it is absolutely a great idea to get training to clarify goals, create a roadmap to get to the finishing line and resolve stuck situations.

David McGrath is located in Ireland but his clients are located all over the world. If you are looking for a better, happier professional and personal life, he is offering a 30 min free consultation.

For more information please contact the Coach via email: coach@betterlifeabroad.com.
And follow him on Social Media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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