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I am Andreina from Venezuela, I am a journalist finishing my master's degree in Journalism and Public Relations at Griffith College. I like photography, writing and calligraphy.


Top 3 events for 4th June

By Andreina Gonzalez / June 4, 2019

We know how difficult is to find something different or new to do. Well, today we have chosen three events that you could try and forget about the routine. Funny Women Awards Heat Dublin Come and see an exciting array of some of the best emerging female comedy talent in the UK today at Funny […]

Interview with Siobhan McGee, CEO of ActionAid Ireland

By Andreina Gonzalez / May 31, 2019

Empower women and children to own their futures – Interview with the CEO of ActionAid Ireland “When you read about people suffering around the world, by war, increasing natural disasters or ongoing poverty, it is easy to feel disheartened.” These are Siobhan McGee’s words. She is the CEO of ActionAid Ireland and is our interviewee […]


Top 3 events for 28th May

By Andreina Gonzalez / May 28, 2019

Meditation evening In today’s world you need to get away from the distractions of social media, your mobile, and yourself ! Give yourself a break. Some kindness, peace and quiet once a week and teach yourself how to tap into a greater quietness within. Meditation will awaken the love, strength, courage, wisdom and energy to face […]


Top 3 events for May 21st

By Andreina Gonzalez / May 21, 2019

FILM Screening Citizen Europe “Citizen Europe” is a cinematic journey into the heart of Europe, to explore the most ambitious integration experiment of our times, the Erasmus programme. The film captures the lives of five Erasmus participants who work, study or volunteer across Europe. The young protagonists leave their hometown for the first time, to […]


Electric Cars: Advantages and Disadvantages

By Andreina Gonzalez / May 16, 2019

Electric cars An electric car (EV) is an alternative fuel automobile that uses electric motors and motor controllers for propulsion. It uses energy stored in its rechargeable batteries, which are recharged by common household electricity. The electric car made its first appearance in the 1880s. Yet, at the moment its market is small as so […]


Top 3 events for May 14th

By Andreina Gonzalez / May 14, 2019

The top 3 events for this Tuesday are all cultural, hoping you get a little fun and knowledge out of Dublin tonight. In Conversation 2. Jobs A screening followed by a Q&A about “La mano invisible” (The Invisible Hand), first a novel by author Isaac Rosa, now also a feature film by David Macián. The […]


Zoos: Advantages and Disadvantages

By Andreina Gonzalez / May 9, 2019

Zoos: Advantages and Disadvantages I remember growing up and asking my parents to please take me to the Zoo. You see, I grew up surrounded by animals, but there were other amazing species that were not within my reach. I had seen them on TV. I knew they existed and I wanted to confirm they […]


Top 3 events for May 7th

By Andreina Gonzalez / May 7, 2019

The bank holiday is over but we have brought to you the top 3 events for this Tuesday, so you don’t get bored at home! Migrants’ Forum: Elections 2019 Did you know that no matter where you are from, or what your citizenship is, if you living in Ireland, you are legally entitled to vote […]


Shaping Ireland exhibition at the NGI – Review

By Andreina Gonzalez / May 2, 2019

Shaping Ireland, Landscapes in Irish Art, is the new exhibition at the National Gallery of Ireland. It explores the relationship between people and the environment. I visited it last week and this is an invitation and recommendation post. I hope you can see the exhibition and tell us, which of the paintings/photographs shows the real […]


Top 3 Events for April 30th

By Andreina Gonzalez / April 30, 2019

In honour of International Dance Day (29th April) and International Jazz Day (30th April), we have chosen three events in Dublin for you to celebrate with us today! It is the last day of the month, do not waste it 😀 Dancehall Class – Intermediate level Dancehall is a genre of Jamaican popular music. Initially, […]

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