Dirty Dancing Party

In 1987 the world went crazy with catchy rhythms and at the same time soft, romantic tones of music. Probably everybody wanted to immerse  themselves into seductive world of the Dirty Dancing movie.

Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey filled cinemas with the main characters, Johnny Castle and Frances “Baby” Houseman.

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The plot is set up in an exclusive hotel where Baby spends holidays with her family. There she meets a handsome and talented dance teacher Johnny.  Between them a deep feeling starts arising.

Not only an attractive plot, amazing actors made the movie known worldwide, but also the music. Actually it is believed that music plays a key role in the movie. The most recognizable and famous song “ Time of my life” written by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes is a huge craze even these days.

In these times almost everyone is able to sing the main song from the movie, perhaps trying to imitate steps from the most popular scene. Which girl wouldn’t be Frances just for a second, when Johnny dances with her in the rhythm of the song tones.

If you are fond of the movie and the 80s, there is good news for you. On Friday at The Sugar Club you can watch the movie and afterwards there will be an 80s style party. The movie starts at 9 pm but the doors open at 8.30 pm. Before you lose yourself in the movie, you can grab some pizza, popcorn and drinks. So invite your friends, dress up in a fancy costume and come to The Sugar Club, where you can sing, dance and have a lot of fun while going back to a different decade.

This awesome entertainment costs 10/15 euros. Definitely worth it to spend Friday night in the Dirty Dancing rhythm.


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