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Do You Need to Prune Yourself?

Trees are pruned at certain times. Have you ever thought why they need it? The first and most important reason is undoubtedly to prolong their life and fertility.

People need to prune from time to time, like trees. Sometimes we have to sit down and take time for ourselves while the days pass fast and in a flurry. During this time of separation we need to remove the people, those we believe to be harmful towards us, just like removing broken and crushed branches from a tree.

As time goes by, the tree grows bigger; just like people. People change as they grow. One must look back and grow from experience, purge oneself from both harmful and unwanted people, and memories.

Some of the trees are pruned of branches growing curved and diseased, so that the trees are given a proper shape. There are some people in our lives, they are taken by us as if they were an object, they are forgotten to be used, but they are still with us. They occupy space even though they are unused. There is no place for people like that. Sometimes that is why it is necessary to clean up; both for ourselves and from those walking with us…

Some fruit trees are pruned to provide more flowers and to increase the fruit output. Thus, both the fertility from the tree and the quality of the fruits are increased. Otherwise, the branches break quickly. There are some moments in our lives that we have, some of those moments grow with us. These moments actually prevent us from going forward indirectly. It can affect our success, our energy, our vitality, even who we are. It is imperative that we accept and work on traumas (such as childhood traumas) without hesitation. We should not forget the fact that they are not ruling us. These moments grow bigger like snowballs, growing together with us until traumas are left behind (after they are solved); a moment may come, that the snowball can tear us apart. It is necessary to face those moments with courage in order to prevent it.

The pruning of trees is a long term investment for coming years. We must think about our own future and invest in ourselves. The needs of each individual are different, and a better life is possible with the interventions made when the time is right!


Gamze Yarsi
Gamze Yarsi

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