Don’t Stop This Movie

It was a great night for the Irish cinematography. It received the record nine nominations and two of them became the awards. Brie Larson, american star, who played in Irish “Room”, was called the best actress. What’s maybe more important, Dubliner Ben Cleary, won best live action short for the “Stutterer”. Twelve minutes to remember for whole live.

“If Leonardo DiCaprio wins the Oscar, everyone meet at the Spire” – that was the name of Facebook event, joined by about twenty thousands of people. Yes, American playboy was the main star of 2016 Academy Awards. Yes, he received his first Oscar. Yes, for a movie that is not his best. No, it was not the most important topic of a day.

Firstly, we have to say some good things about Australians. “Mad Max: Fury Road” became the most successful Australian film ever with the Academy. Receiving six awards on the one ceremony, sounds good. Especially when you realise that some of the movie legends, like for example Albert Hitchcock or Albert Finney, have never won this famous cinema trophy. Fame even more that you and me get one day.

But “Mad Max” is just the another action movie. The film from my parents wedding has a better plot.

“Room“ and “Stutterer”, two Irish miracles, they are most worthy to see, if you still haven’t done it. The director of this second one said : “I watched Room and cried about three times and tried to hide it from my friends. We might have won an Oscar tonight, but, for Irish film, getting those nominations was a win. I feel honoured to be mentioned in the same breath as those films. Hopefully, it’s the start of something”.

Hopefully. On the other hand I would also like to recommend you two other movies, my favourites. Quentin Tarantino’s “The Hateful Eight” and Adam McKay’s “The Big Short”. If you know who Tarantino is, you know why I told you about his 8th film.

“The Big Short” would be a fantastic experience for everyone who is interested in politics. It shows difficult economic problems, the global crisis from 2008, in a very amusing and interesting way.

However, firstly watch “Room” and “Stutterer”. A small country like Ireland deserves it.


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