Dublin Bowie Festival is On!

From 05.01 to 10.01 Dublin is hosting one of the biggest events of the year 2018 – the David Bowie Festival.


This year’s third edition promises to be bigger and better than the last one. Each year since Bowie passing in 2016, his fans in Dublin commemorate his life and work through dance, BowieOke sing-offs, fashion shows, literary events, Q&A discussions and documentary screenings. In 2018, even more events and venues are included to satisfy eclectic tastes of Bowie admirers and to honour the way the Man Who Fell To Earth influenced the world of culture, music and art.


Many of the events will be free: Art by David Bowie in Gallery X, displaying hand-signed lithographs by the artist from 1978 to 2002, available for purchase (5.01 – 10.01) ; amazing glamorous and glittery show by the famous drag queen of Dublin, Veda Beaux Reves (05.01) ; the Queen Bitch Quiz, rumored to be the hardest David Bowie quiz on the planet (07.01) ; Messing with the Paintwork (Bowie, Yeats & Beckett) at Studio 10, exploring the inspiration Bowie’s drew from Jack B. Yeats art (08.01) and many more. Although these events are free, the seating is often on the first come – first served basis, so make sure not to show up at the last minute.


There even will be kid-friendly performances: Space Oddity – The View from Major Tom’s Tin Can. These stunning 360-degree views of the galaxy and 3D projections will make you travel through space and time, all while enjoying David Bowie’s music.


Enjoy the screenings at the Lighthouse Cinema: “Labyrinth” on Friday and Sunday (creative costumes and dancing are encouraged, go wild!), Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece” The Prestige” on Sunday (with Bowie plays the famous inventor Nikola Tesla) and “David Bowie Is” on Saturday, exploring the musician’s artistic career and explaining the meaning behind his most memorable music videos, costumes and personal items.


If you like to dress up and express your creativity, don’t miss the Bowie Ball on Saturday night and then wake up to the late Bowie Brunch at 3 pm on Sunday in The Wooden Mills. Many bands will also pay tribute to the artists these days: The Grand Social welcomes London Boys on Monday and Secret Life on Tuesday and the Bowie Raw collective on Wednesday.


If you are more on the intellectual side of things, drop by the DC Music club on Sunday to eavesdrop on Gavin Friday and Professor Eoin Devereux conversation about Bowie or take part in the Q&A session with a British graphic designer Jonathan Barnbrook who worked with the singer on several of his albums’ covers.

The last day of the festival is Wednesday, 10.01, the date Bowie left this world in 2016. He still is and will be sorely missed, but this January, he comes back to us in songs, dances, debates and discussion of those who will always remember him. Hundreds of people will pay tribute to his amazing personality and the way he changed popular culture. Check out the programme on the Dublin Bowie Festival website and be part of one of the most exciting celebrations of the year!

The map with the venues:

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Natalia Ilina
Natalia Ilina

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