Dublin Pride Run 2023: Get Ready to Run 5K with Pride!

The annual Dublin Pride Run conducted by Dublin Front Runners’, part of the city’s LGBTQ+ Pride Festival, is back for its eleventh year. Whether you’re looking for a fun-filled friendly run or just want to celebrate, walk, jog, or run with pride, the Dublin Pride Run is the place to be.

The Dublin Pride Run is a 5K fun run that welcomes all. This year’s race kicks off at 7:30 pm on Friday, 16th June 2023 at Acres Road, Phoenix Park, Dublin.

A Colourful Display of Unity

The Dublin Pride Run is more than just a 5K race, it’s an event that encourages people to move, to be energetic and is a celebration of inclusivity and identity, self-expression and queerness, in an inclusive, friendly and safe environment. The Pride Run allows people to be themselves and connect and be together with others who share their LGBTQ+ identity, their friends, their family and their loved ones. With rainbow flags and thousands of runners, the Dublin Pride Run is truly a one-of-a-kind event. It’s a colourful celebration of unity and solidarity. A celebration of love that knows no borders.

Whether you are a seasoned runner looking to beat your best time, or you are a first-time 5K runner walking, jogging or running your first ever 5K, you’ve come to the right place.

Dublin Front Runners Chairperson, Mark Armstrong, says, “If you’ve never run before or maybe it’s just been a while, the Pride Run is an excellent 5K for your first time, it’s fun and inclusive, and absolutely everyone is welcome to take part and fundraise along the way.”

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“We want everyone to be proud of who they are and have a blast racing in a relaxed atmosphere. This year’s race is gonna be even better because there’s gonna be a contest for the ‘Best Dressed Dog’!”

The Fundraising

Dublin Front Runners at the Dublin pride run 2023, plan on raising vital funds for the chosen charities, HIV Ireland, Trans Equality Together and ShoutOut.

HIV Ireland aims to raise awareness and reduce the stigma associated with HIV and AIDS through education and understanding. Trans Equality Together campaigns for political and legislative change to better the lives of transsexual and non-transgender people in Ireland. ShoutOut runs workshops to address LGBTQ+ bullying at the secondary level in Ireland.

All of these charities are making a real impact on the lives of LGBTQ+ people across the country. When you register to run, you can encourage your friends to support these charities.

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The Preparations

Prior to the race, there is ample time to train, and those who would prefer to do so in a group setting are invited to join the “Couch To 5K” sessions offered by the Front Runners. Sponsored by Cadbury, the “Couch” is a free 8-week guided training programme that commences on Saturday, April 22nd at 9:45 am in the Phoenix Park Car Park at Papal Cross. 

This free, guided training programme starts with short running intervals of only 60 seconds each and is an effective method of gradually increasing the distance until a full 5K is completed. This is a great chance to get yourself ready for the race.

Pride Run-Preppers offer group training on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday mornings for new runners or those seeking to build endurance and stamina over time. The training group is open to all and does not require registration, and is suitable for all new runners. Following the Saturday morning training, the group enjoys a cup of coffee together.

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A platform to celebrate success and reflect on challenges

The Dublin Pride Run isn’t just about the race itself. It’s about raising awareness of LGBTQ+ rights and advocating for equality. Runners wear rainbow-coloured clothing, carry signs with positive messages, and raise their voices in support of love, acceptance and social justice. It’s an opportunity to spark important conversations, educate the public, and make sure the LGBTQ+ community’s voice is heard.

While the Dublin Pride Run celebrates the progress LGBTQ+ people have made over the years, it also reminds us of the struggles LGBTQ+ people still face. The run is a time for reflection, an opportunity to talk about how we can build a more inclusive society, where everyone is valued and respected, and where we can stand up against discrimination and embrace diversity. There’s a sense of community that comes with the Dublin Pride Run. Runners and spectators come together to show support, cheer on runners, and celebrate a sense of unity.

The Dublin Pride Run is a multi-faceted annual event that not only promotes physical fitness and well-being but also acts as a powerful platform for social progress. Whether you choose to lace up your running shoes, the crowd in the streets to join in the fun or simply wish to gain an understanding of the importance of the event, the Pride Run invites all to join in the movement towards a more accepting and inclusive society.

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