Dublin’s most expensive school to open next year

Yes, you heard it right. This upcoming international school in South Dublin will probably be the most expensive one in Dublin. With annual fees of €20,000 a year for second-level day pupils, the school will open on Sept 2018 for about 800 students and its premises will be based in the €20 million office block which was earlier used by Microsoft in South County Business park, Leopardstown.

A hong-Kong based firm, Nord Anglia, will be operating the school and is in talks with international firms in various sectors such as technology, aviation among others over setting aside places for children of executives. While it’s fees would likely make it the most expensive school in Dublin, it is understood to be preparing bursaries for a number of less well-off students.

The school will provide education from primary up to secondary-level, focusing on the International Baccalaureate rather than the State curriculum and syllabus. Mark Orrow-Whiting, Nord Anglia’s head of curriculum said, “With rising globalisation, students are looking for opportunities in a university abroad.” “If they choose it, there is a high chance for them to go to an international university, and we will be focussing on giving students ways of learning which they might not have received in their national system,” he said.

The school is now about to start recruitment process for a principal and the recruitment of teachers will begin early next year.


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Neha Katoch
Neha Katoch

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