F – Festival

The F – Festival takes place on 11th of March. The female fronted festival, which of course is for everyone, is quite a new and fresh event. The festival kicked off for the first time just one year ago.

The line – up consists of eight sections, such as Art, Comedy, Film, Music, Performance, Talks, Spoken Word, and Workshops.

The Art section prepared an art gallery in the Temple Bar Art Gallery. You will have the chance to admire very talented artists like Emma Lene and Louise Rowland Nessa Finnegan among others.

Recently, stand-up comedy has become pretty popular. Hopefully, in a few years more and more women will start performing. At Wigwam you will be entertained by 6 brilliant women. It will definitely make you burst into fits of laughter.

The Film section provides award-winning Irish movies about women and their struggles, which represent difficulties women have to face in modern Ireland. The movies, which shown are “Terminal” , “Groundless” and “Adulting”.

Music section is going to blow your mind. Several gigs are going to be organized in four clubs. Music is diverse. From pop sounds to heavy rock, everyone will find something for themselves. Head to pubs like The Mercentalie, Generator, Gypsy Rose and the Hub to go crazy with your friends during amazing concerts. The Closing Party will be in the Grand Social. You don’t want to miss that!

At the Black Loft you will have the opportunity to see stunning performances, for instance of the KIN group.

This time at Generator club you are going to have the opportunity to listen to very interesting talks and extend your knowledge about social issues. Talks you can attend to are: Nerdy Girls by the Kitchen Table, the worldwide Tribe on Documenting  the Refugee Crisis, and Women in Music.

In the Spoken Word section, which takes place at WigWam, you will meet people such as Alicia Byrne Keane, Melissa Ridge or Hazel Hogan and of course, many more.

The workshops will be organized at The Black Loft. You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself into Pole Dance World. The workshops are provided by Leanne Cummins. Then you will learn about Consent and Slut Shaming by Catalina Vieru and there will be Drumming workshops organized by Claire Precicva.

The admission to the Festival is free, so take your friends and enjoy the F- Festival this Saturday.



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