First European Mental Health Festival in Ireland

The new year is picking up pace and it looks like 2019 is off to a pretty good start in the art department. While the weather tends to be frustrating these days, Irelands cultural events calendar promises to bring some colour into the gray January days as the country is hosting its very first European Mental Health Arts and Culture Festival. Organized by the Irish charity organization First Fortnight and supported by the EU programme “Creative Europe”, the Festival revolves around mental health issues. It tackles prejudices against mental health problems and is dedicated to raise awareness and fight discrimination against people suffering from such diseases. Combining arts with a good cause the festival has compiled numerous events nationwide ranging from workshops, film screenings, theatre plays to lectures and discussions with artists from all over Europe. The festival’s mission is clear, help spread the word by way of arts especially including artists sharing their own experiences living with these mental health problems.

So, whether you’re looking for support as somebody who is suffering from such issues or want to educate yourself on it, go check out the richly packed calendar of First Fortnights festival. There are still many interesting events happening up until the 31st of January.

Juliane Girl
Juliane Girl

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