Five Cheap Places For Lunch

Here is a list which will help you how to not go bankrupt because of Irish prices.

Written by a glutton from a country where everything is four times cheaper.

5. The Wiley Fox (28 Eden Quay, Dublin) – from €7

“The Wiley Fox is a brand new and fully renovated space comprising of a ground floor bar, a 220 capacity live music venue”.

The most expensive place on the list. Firstly, this is a bar and live music venue. But from this week on it is also a place where you can eat very well. Different kinds of sandwiches and meat dishes will satisfy everybody who wants to eat good quality food for an acceptable price in a nice furnished place.

4. Il Capo (62 Talbot St, Dublin 1) – €5.00 for a 9’ Pizza, Fries and Drink

“My favorite place for takeaway, I Highly recommend it to everyone”.

Probably the only place where they prepare their own pizza and don’t want you to pay €10. You can choose 3 toppings from the menu. A thin-crust, fresh vegetables, good sauce and flavorful meat. What more do you need?

3. Honest To Goodness (12 Dame Ct, South-East Inner City, Dublin 2) – €5.00 for a sandwich

“Cool, modern cafe with emphasis on healthy ingredients, with homemade bread, sandwiches and salads”.

Probably the best place to buy a sandwich in Dublin. The ingredients are the finest and you will always find some new to choose. They bake their own bread and serve salads while you wait.

2. Pablo Picante (4 Clarendon Market, Dublin 2) – €6,50 for burrito with a drink.

“Cartoony environment for quick-stop Mexican burritos served with the minimum of fuss”.

Good place to eat real Mexican food with your hands. The big variety of sauces and additions to choose will make your meal taste like you want it to. I recommend to take the spiciest sauce and because of that, a bottle of water.

1. China Castle (38 Abbey Street Middle, Dublin) – €7,50 for “all you can eat”.

“Ideally located in the heart of central Dublin where you can eat & drink in a relaxed & comfortable setting”.

Big choice of Chinese food and a very good price to eat as much as you want. You are able to take a full lunch consisting of a starter, main dish and a dessert. This Restaurant offers the best price-performance ratio I found in Dublin so far.


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