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Best Coffee Spots in South Dublin

By Katy Thornton / September 15, 2020

Looking for some great coffee spots in South Dublin, but want to avoid going to a popular chain? With the likes of Starbucks and Insomnia popping up on every available corner (with there sometimes being two to a street) it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find good quality coffee out there. Sometimes it is just easier […]


8 new cuisines you can try in Dublin

By Kamila Mushkina / September 14, 2020

The most popular cuisines in Ireland include Chinese, Thai, Italian, Indian, and Mexican. However, there are many more international cuisines that are worth a try. Here are 8 new cuisines you can try and even more restaurants where you can find them in Dublin. Korean Mostly based on rice, vegetables, and meats, Korean cuisine is […]


Fodder: The Booming Cafe in the Woods

By Emily Booth / September 11, 2020

Not many cafes can say they are officially recommended by their national government, but Fodder has recently become one.  It’s safe to say this year has been rough for the hospitality industry. Restaurants and cafes are operating under heavy restrictions, pubs and bars even more so, and clubs having no clear reopening date in sight. […]


Stress-baking: why we baked more during quarantine

By Kamila Mushkina / September 9, 2020

During the lockdown, we were stuck at home trying to entertain ourselves and get rid of stress. For many of us, baking during quarantine has become a remedy. So why does baking have such a calming effect on us? Stress-baking in times of crisis Since the lockdown hit, I’ve seen so many people posting their […]


7 Spanish dishes to cook during the week

By Tami Pereira / September 8, 2020

Feeling hungry and tired of cooking the same dishes all over again? Babylon brings you 7 meals for 7 days, a culinary journey from home. Today, we will get into the delicious Spanish cuisine: 7 Spanish dishes for the week. This gastronomy is characterised by being one of the healthiest diets of the world and […]


Belfast to-do guides: pubs & bars

By Emily Booth / August 11, 2020

From old, traditional Irish pubs, to arcade-style haunts, to fancy cocktail bars. Belfast is rammed full of excellent bars and pubs for going out. Whether for a quiet pint, or something a bit more lively, or upmarket, there truly is plenty for everyone and every occasion.  Stuck with where to start? We shortlisted seven of […]


7 of the best veggie burgers in Dublin

By Marieke Oggel / August 7, 2020

Having a burger once in a while is good for the soul, and who’s to say they’re only for meat-eaters? The huge recent shift in attitude towards meat consumption in Ireland means that plant-based options are more available than ever before. Dublin is ahead of the game, and was even pronounced the most vegan-friendly city […]


Why I became, and still am a vegetarian

By Kamila Mushkina / July 20, 2020

Wondering if you should become a vegetarian? I’ll tell you why you should! My goal is not to promote a vegetarian diet but rather to share my own experience, and maybe you’ll find something useful for yourself. Let’s dive right into it! How I became a vegetarian I became a vegetarian for the first time […]


‘Super Saturday’ – Pubs, bars and cafes open in Belfast

By Emily Booth / July 9, 2020

Last weekend, we saw the six counties of Northern Ireland catch up with the Republic’s lockdown lifting.  From Friday 3rd July, bars, pubs and cafes were finally allowed to open their doors to their cold pint, and artisan coffee thirsty customers.  Cue, ‘Super Saturday’. The highly anticipated reopening day, however, had many questions looming;  -How […]


Food and culture: how are they related?

By Kamila Mushkina / July 6, 2020

Is there a connection between food and culture? Well, yes. Culture affects what and how people eat, and food shapes how people identify themselves. Keep reading if you want to learn more about how food and culture are related!

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