Giant’s Causeway

Have you ever wondered where the massive black basalt columns sticking out of the sea in Ireland got their name from or how this stunning landscape emerged? We know today that the 40, 000 columns were caused by a volcanic eruption about 50 Million years ago but when looking at the Giant’s Causeway and the pathway formed by the even and upright structure of its columns, we have the the impression that this UNESCO World Heritage Site had been formed by humans – or giants. In fact, there are many legends surrounding the Giant’s Causeway.

The most popular one Giant’s Causeway was the result of two giants fighting. Giant Finn McCool had some trouble with his neighbour giant Benandonner from Scotland and decided to teach him a lesson. After hurling cobblestones into the sea to build a causeway, Finn rushed off to meet his rival, however, realising from afar, that he was no match for Benandonner, he changed his mind and backed off. Benandonner came after the escaping Finn who disguised himself as a baby to avoid confronting his rival. Upon arrival, Benandonner only met Finn’s wife who urged him not to wake the baby in the crib. The sight of the huge giant baby frightened Benandonner so much, that he assumed that the baby’s father must be too powerful for him.


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