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5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Liverpool

By Charlotte Pitts / September 15, 2021

Known for its memorable  (or not-so-memorable!) nights on the town and its multicultural diversity, but better known for its football clubs and music history, Liverpool is a vibrant UK city begging to be explored. Liverpool has long had connections with the rest of the world; its longstanding relationships with Ireland being one, as the ferry […]


Touring Around Tokyo: The Capital of the Land of the Rising Sun

By Charlotte Pitts / September 7, 2021

Out of all of the countries that I’ve had the pleasure of knowing, loving and – luckily enough – visiting, Japan is by far the most enticing, multi-faceted and exciting cultural masterpiece I have ever known. Having spent nearly three weeks touring around the main island of Honshu, I have seen and experienced many a […]


Backpacking in the Balkans: An Essential Guide

By Thomas Cleary / August 24, 2021

Free and open travel within Europe is the envy of travelers from all over the world. The fact that citizens of EU member states can travel freely from country to country with no need for a visa, or even a passport, is something that is often underappreciated and taken for granted. In fact for many […]


15 Reasons To Visit Wexford: Ireland’s Most Underrated County

By Thomas Cleary / August 20, 2021

Ireland has a lot to offer foreign tourists, from the rich history, to the gorgeous scenery, to the lively bar culture. Aside from the less-than-fabulous weather, there’s no lack of things for tourists to see and experience — even the food has gotten less inedible over the last couple decades. This all shows in the […]


The 7 Best Budget Staycations in Ireland

By Charlotte Pitts / August 11, 2021

COVID has been a major spanner in the works for our travel plans, to say the least, and continues to be. Despite things getting moving again, fluctuating cases, quarantining measures and vaccination restrictions mean it may be some time before we reach normality when travelling abroad.  In the meantime, we still want to seek out […]


5 Tips to Make Friends in a New Country

By Thomas Cleary / August 11, 2021

As children, making friends was so easy. Does anyone really even remember trying to make friends in primary school? It seemed to just happen organically, whether it was because other kids lived on the same street as you or because you just so happened to be sitting next to each other on the first day […]


What’s not to love about Texas: Top 5 things to see and do

By Grace Duffy / August 10, 2021

Texas, the Lone Star State and birthplace of a southern drawl that just makes you feel welcome. Bless your heart. If you’ve already been, count yourself lucky, and, if you were hoping to travel there soon, then keep reading because we’re going to share with you the five best places you should visit on your […]


Teaching in Vietnam: A Guide for Working Success

By Thomas Cleary / August 4, 2021

There are many reasons why people in their early 20s choose to travel. As kids, we usually have the first 20 or so years of our lives roughly planned out. First, you go to primary school until you’re around 12, then secondary/high school until you’re 17-19, and then, if you want, you go to college […]

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