Giro d’Italia – Ride Green Ireland: Bike Ride Week 2023

This week Ireland is going to witness a collaboration between the Italian embassy and Ireland in the form of Giro d’Italia – Ride Green Ireland. This is a collaboration between the Giro d’Italia: a prestigious professional cycling competition held in Italy for years and Ride Green Ireland: a cycling event held for weeks in the month of May for a social cause. 

Giro d’Italia – A Little History You Need to Know 

One of the most prestigious professional cycling competitions in the world is the Giro d’Italia. It travels a distance of about 3,500 kilometers (2,200 miles) over the course of three weeks each year in May and June. Leading cyclists from all over the world participate in the race to win the coveted pink jersey, which serves as the winning trophy for whoever finishes in first place. 

Since its inception in 1909, the Giro d’Italia has played a significant role in shaping Italian culture. Millions of viewers tune in to the race’s global broadcast to watch the action. Each year, the race’s course is different, although it always combines time trials, flat stages, and mountain stages, all in one cycling competition. 

Ride Green Ireland – A Little History You Need to Know 

On the other side, Ride Green Ireland is a cycling event for charity that takes place in Ireland. The Irish Cancer Society is in charge of planning the event, which raises money for patient care and cancer research. In addition to promoting awareness and raising money for a worthwhile cause, the event gives cyclists the chance to ride through some of Ireland’s most beautiful landscapes.

Anyone who enjoys cycling and wants to help the fight against cancer is welcome to participate in the Ride Green Ireland event. You can take part in the competition either individually or as a team. Depending on their level of fitness and personal objectives, participants can choose to ride 50 or 100 kilometers.

What is the Giro D’Italio – Ride Green Ireland 2023 

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But this time, the Italian Embassy and other authorized partners who represent Italy in Ireland will hold the “Giro d’Italia Ride Green” bike ride during Ireland’s 2023 Bike Week. 

All you need to know about this event is: 

The ride will start at Phoenix Park’s westernmost point on Sunday, May 14, 2023, and end 8 kilometers later on the grounds of Lucan House, the official residence of the Italian ambassador to Ireland. 

Families with kids who aren’t participating in the ride are welcome to bring their own bikes to Lucan House from 12 to 2 p.m. That way, they can enjoy the activities and the 13 hectares of green space without feeling completely left out.

The event will thereafter include lunch options, the “Giro d’Italia”, and bicycle-related things on exhibit, as well as Italian music and entertainment. On a first come, first served basis, free Italian lunch bags and drinks will be provided to all attendees. 

The event, non-competitive bicycle event centered on sustainability, green mobility, and bike and e-bike production, is open to Irish bike enthusiasts. 

All participants will be warmly welcomed by the Italian Ambassador to experience Italian culture, featuring Italian food and pizza trucks, as well as the Lucan Concert Band performing Italian music. 

A virtual “Giro d’Italia” tour on specialized Technogym cycles, an official jersey, trophy display, free trinkets, and other educational resources are also available to attendees. 

Other Italian-made bikes like Bianchi, Wilier, Colnago, and Greenbikes will be on exhibit, and some of them may even be ridden. 

Giro d’Italia-RCS, Cycling Ireland, the Italian Institute of Culture in Dublin, the Italian Trade Agency, and the Italian Irish Chamber of Commerce are all involved in organizing the event. 

Two ways to participate in the event: 

  1. Adults 8 km non competitive bicycle ride 

Assemble time is 10.30 am

Starts at 11.00 am at Pheonix Park (Knockmaroon Rd Entrance) 

Arrival at Lucan House at 11:45 am through R109 route. 

  1. Families Access 

Register online to join the grounds with your own bikes and get complimentary gadgets and activities from12 pm to 2 pm. 

Route Map 

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To know about this event, click here and if you want to know more about the bike week, click here.  

Registration for this event is free, but mandatory as to be allowed entry into this event. So grab your equipment and get ready to spend your time with like-minded people and connect with people from different ethnicities. I hope you have a fun time and find the joy in contributing to society while attending.

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