The Happy Pear: Healthy Food Means Happy Life

Have you ever heard about The Happy Pear? Do you think that healthy lifestyle means happy life? A friend of mine told to me after conquering the cliff walk from Bray to Greystones and after having lunch in The Happy Pear that he already knows why the town is so empty. Because all the people are in The Happy Pear. I hadn’t told him that my main goal of our trip wasn’t the cliff walk but the mostly The Happy Pear.

The Happy Pear is evolving since 2004. Twins Dave and Steve had been travelling around the world, where they started the plant based diet. Their dream and the idea about The Happy Pear came to existence and began growing after that.

The Happy Pear started at first as a small veg shop. After that the cafe was opened followed by the farm, the product range and the roastery. Then the brothers established Happy Heart Courses, learning online or in the classroom, to hand down their recipes and healthy habits. If you prefer to have the recipes in your hand the recipes books are there for you.
The Happy Pear Shop
They have at the moment The Veg Shop and two Cafes in Greystones, Co.Wicklow and Head Office & Production Facilities in Kilcoole, Co. Wicklow. The Cafes offer the customers daily menu composed of homemade vegetarian and vegan cuisine. The shop has homemade food as well. The customers can find The Happy Pear is also on social media: Instagram, Youtube channel, Snapchat, Facebook and website with online shopping. The big success for them was to be a part of Jamie Oliver’s Foodtube network.

The Happy Pear is now a family business with an international team. Every food is prepared by the twins themselves and the other helpers. The offer is so varied. You can buy amazing pestos, jams, sweets fresh fruits and vegetable in the shop. Every day breakfast, lunch and dinner menu is composed of vegetarian and vegan healthy and delicious meal.
The Happy Pear lunch The Happy Pear products
But this business is not just about food. It is the lifestyle. Dave, Steve and their friends love wake up early to enjoy the sunrise and swim in the sea at the Greystones beach. They love healthy food that makes happy life. What is the most important: they are trying to create the community that will enjoy to coming and support their effort to make change. They are spreading healthy habits and happiness. The Happy Pear is always led by the customers. The twins and every assistant from The Happy Pear effort to know the customers, chat with them and keep them close. Happy customers are the most important for them.
Eat Well
If you want to taste this great food, find out some tasty vegetarian and vegan recipes and be part of this friendly and familiar atmosphere, The Happy Pear is the right place.

Sabina Šrámková
Sabina Šrámková

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