Hyperloop, Hypertravel

Imagine all the people in one train, speeding faster than sound can. It’s easy if scientist try. No air below us. Above us only sky.


One of the companies, which is trying to make Elon Musk’s (Tesla & SolarCity) owner,  transportation dream a reality, signed a deal with the government of Slovakia to explore building a three-country Hyperloop.


What is it ?


Crowdsourced engineering project Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) will look into a route that links three European capitals. From Vienna to Bratislava, Slovakia, and from Bratislava to Budapest, Hungary.


HTT suggests the Vienna link would shuttle passengers between the two cities in eight minutes, while the Budapest link would take ten minutes. It also believes there’s potential for a link with Slovakia’s second-largest city, Košice, which lies 248 miles away. All three possibilities are just that: possibilities.


Idea of HTT is crowdsourced in the spirit of collaboration between independent scientists, designers and engineers. The group is currently planning to build a five-mile test loop in the California new town Quay Valley, which it hopes will be operational in 2018.


How Hyperloop works ?


“Hyperloop is a cross between the Concorde, a railgun, and an air hockey table. The Concorde was fast and revolutionary for personal transport, a railgun uses electromagnetic forces to transport objects at high speeds, and an air hockey table reduces sliding friction to next to nothing” – that’s how the scientists explain it.


“It could be that the Hyperloop is essentially a pneumatic transport system (PTS) in the form of a closed tube. People ride in capsules that travel within the tube at around 1,000 km/h, but the air in the tube also moves at that speed, so the capsules move with very little air drag”.


Do you still not understand it ?
Me too, but I need 8 hours by train to get to my hometown from the city where I study.  20 minutes sound much better.


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