Independent Scotland would be welcome to join EU, claim Green MEPs

There are rumors that Scotland wants to leave England, in that case, the country will be welcome to join the EU, claims Green MEPs. Around 50 countries support the idea of Scotland becoming an EU member.

The Green Party asserts that they would help with the transition if it would be needed.

The letter, which was sent to Holyrood was signed by regional and national parliaments in Belgium, Spain, Greece and Germany as well as by 26 MEPs. They declared that Scotland would be the “most welcome country” to join the EU.

The Spanish government emphasised their support and said that, they would not veto, to make it easy for Scotland to join the EU.

Although Scotland has been very careful with making any declarations, the only obstacle, which stands between Scotland and Europe is the Westminster government.  

The situation is still not clear. The leader of Scottish Conservatives Jackson Carlaw, said that Scottish society may be right to smell a rat. The SNP still hasn’t made any decision on if the country should go back to EU. The SNP wants to have referendum on independence, due to leaving EU, but they can’t say if they want Scotland to go back in. Carlaw claims that this issue is absurd.


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