Coronavirus: The number of people stocking up on supplies has tripled

Amárach Research found that 85% people in Ireland think the worst of the coronavirus crisis is "ahead of us".

A vast majority of respondents know COVID-19 symptoms, a poll has also found.

Most people in Ireland, moreover, think the worst of the coronavirus pandemic in the Republic is yet to come.

A poll carried out by Amárach Research on March 16 has revealed that up to 85% of 1,460 adult respondents hold this view. A similar number of people has already cancelled their trips and visits due to the coronavirus.

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Amárach Research did the same research for the first time on March 2 and subsequently on March 9. For example, only 15% were stocking up on extra supplies due to the virus in early March, but the figure has almost tripled by March 16, stopping at 43%.

People are worried more

The poll has also shown a change in people’s perception of the coronavirus. Their worries have increased to 7 from 5.6, where 10 represents “extremely worried”, within a week across all demographic groups. Females are generally more worried than men. In addition, the elderly is the most concerned group.

“Our latest survey shows that the majority of people are adopting one or more of the measures encouraged by the HSE and other health professionals,” Amárach Research said.

Up to 90% of respondents wash their hands, 78% do not go out, and 63% use sanitizers. People are, moreover, familiar with the coronavirus symptoms. A total of 84% described correctly fever, dry cough, and shortness of breath as the symptoms.

Support for border  closure with Northern Ireland

There is also overwhelming support for the Government’s decision to close all pubs and hotel bars until the end of March.

More than half of respondents would, additionally, support the closure of the border with Northern Ireland if it helped prevent COVID-19 from spreading. The highest support for this step is in the counties and provinces closest to the border, as polled by Amárach Research.

Peter Dlhopolec
Peter Dlhopolec

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