Kim Jong-nam was poisoned at The Airport

The investigation about Kim Jong-nam’s death, who is a half-brother of Kim Jong Un, still is unsolved and unclear.

The Brother of the North Korean dictator was apparently poisoned, while waiting for his flight in Kuala Lumpur.

Lately, new allegations appeared, two more people are apparently involved in the death of Kim Jong- a Malaysian man and an Indonesian woman. Also another woman was taken into custody, who was travelling on a Vietnamese passport.

Kim Jong-nam was travelling under the name Kim Chol, Malaysian police officially confirmed that the dead man identified as  Kim Chol is half brother of Kim Jong-Un.

Another allegation is that North Korea was involved in the murder. The murder is believed to have been committed by two women, who used some chemicals. It’s very mysterious issue, because how in the crowded airport did nobody notice anything suspicious? And how can a man be killed and there is no trace of committing the crime?

Another very enigmatic and worrying issue, as a BBC reporter clams, people who witnessed the crime, were instructed to not talk to the media by the police.

What is more Kim Jong-nam was removed from his family inheritance, that’s why the his younger half-brother Kim Jong-Un became the leader of the country.

Apparently, the North Korean dictator wanted the death of his brother to get rid of embarrassment, which he brought on the family.


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