6 amazing books for Meditation and Relaxation

Meditation comprehension can be experienced through seminars, organised meditation loops, and educational videos, but the more complex insight can only come from books. Below is a collection of the best meditation books, ranging from classical to unconventional, realistic to philosophic, and easy to understand to more comprehensive and nuanced.

Why you should give meditation a try during lockdown

Title: Meditation Made Easy

Author: Lorin Roche

Roche offers a highly open and user-friendly meditation guide, demonstrating how it can be both easy and enjoyable.

The book highlights three basic meditation methods for beginners, along with topics such as traditional meditation misconceptions, how to integrate mini-meditations into the spare moments of the day, how to conquer challenges and tailor meditation to suit your needs, and most importantly, how to use meditation as a medium to discover your inner desires and enrich your existence.

Title: The Headspace Guide to Meditation and Mindfulness

Author: Andy Puddicombe

If you have no time in your life to devote yourself to meditation, then this book is for you. “The Headspace Guide to Meditation and Mindfulness,” by Andy Puddicombe, a clinical mediation practitioner in the United Kingdom, tells readers that meditation does not have to be an uncomfortable or time-consuming activity. In reality, it will take 10 minutes to meditate when you’re on the train, commuting to work or even at lunch.

List of books for meditation

Title: Wherever you go, there you are

Author: Jon Kabat-Zinn

Originally written in the 1990s for an audience who is sensitive to conventional programs or has a static framework, Jon Kabat-Zinn offers a concise roadmap for people who are simply curious about their way of life.

If you’re looking for a long, comprehensive, or organised instruction manual, then it’s not for you. This book is a fast read, and it’s free-flowing, unstructured nature reflects the author’s willingness to allow readers the ability to practice the mindfulness that best suits them.

You’ll find lots of brief, meaningful stories around mindfulness, along with useful tips for everyday life, like meditation, of course. Not only does the author crack misconceptions and assumptions, but he also gives advice on how to meditate in simple ways on a daily basis.

Title: Meditation from the Mat

Author: Rolf Gates

Yoga is not only a physical practice; it is also a mental workout. In Meditation from the Mat, author and renowned yoga coach, Rolf Gates, discusses the mindfulness-based dimensions of yoga and offers regular thoughts that can be used during yoga as well as other periods of the day. The book includes 365 short activities that allow the reader to practice mindfulness any and every day of the year.

Title: Meditation in Action

Author: Chogyam Trungpa

A Tibetan master, Trungpa expresses his wisdom about how to enjoy the rewards of meditation through other related practices that he calls ‘meditation in reality.’ This includes generosity, discipline, persistence, energy, clarity, and wisdom.

Overall, this is an easy, accessible reading of how to take advantage of meditation outside the classroom and to develop a positive and purposeful life.

Title: The mindfulness workbook for addiction

Author: Rebecca E. Williams

If you decide to use meditation as a coping mechanism for sadness, frustration, tension, or addictive behavior, this workbook is here to help. Avoid postponing your recovery and numbing your suffering with medication, drugs, or alcohol. Avoid using life to divert yourself from what really worries you. Author, Rebecca Williams is a clinical psychologist who specialises in depression and rehabilitation from mental illness, but she comes to mindfulness and meditation from a less spiritual and more psychological viewpoint.

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