Local Enterprise Offices hosts Business Seminar

Dublin City Public Libraries and Local Enterprise Offices (LEO) organised a group session filled with business advice today, March 03, at the Central Library in ILAC Shopping Centre.

Noel McGrath led the morning with a two-hour presentation on the basics of how to start a business in Ireland. The seminar is part of the Local Enterprise Week 2019, which offers a range of events for entrepreneurs, whether they are starting a business or would like to grow an existing one.

The seminar provided useful information about the steps to take in order to set up a business, the financial supports available and other training opportunities.

McGrath, a mentor from LEO, gave some tools and advice for those seeking to go into self-employment. Also, the advisor explained how important is to concentrate all efforts in trying to understand one’s audience and identifying the target market.

For the mentor, the number one reason for failure for SMEs “probably have to do with market research” or, the lack of it. In his opinion, “understanding who your customers are, your competition, and what is the problem that you are going to solve” are key points before even starting the business and, “many fail at this step”.

Some of the Local Enterprise Week 2019 events have a charge but most of them are completely free; however, booking is necessary. For more information and reservations click on the link.

More learning

In addition to this, the Central Library will be hosting 6 free talks for Startups every Thursday evening starting on April 25. For more information, email them at businesslibrary@dublincity.ie. And for more information in other libraries in Dublin, check this useful post

And good news

In another exciting note, those people who are aged between 18 and 35 and have a business idea or existing business, may enter Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur (IBYE) for a chance to win a share of the county investment fund. This competition offers the opportunity to develop a business and expand skills. Those interested follow the link.

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