National Stereotyping & Cultural Identities in Recent European Crises- conference

A conference about national stereotyping  & cultural identities in recent European crisis situations takes place from 9th to 11th of march at Trinity College.

Recently, we could notice significant changes in Europe. Europe has to face serious political, social and economic crisis while struggling with isolating patterns of national stereotyping. These patterns can be noticed for instance in the Brexit affair, the Ukrainian conflict and are increased by neo-national parties and movements and an emerging controversy regarding the migration crisis. Additionally, conflicts between Catholics and Protestants became even more noticeable in recent years.

During the conference, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the major dimensions of stereotyping that have an impact on the European crisis. Experts from fourteen countries will interpret and have a critical view on the insulting traits of stereotypes and narratives during the conference. The variety of methodology and historical standpoints enable us to understand the deeper cultural roots and the why there was a change in people’s viewpoint regarding the migrant crisis in Europe.

The experts who you have a chance to listen to are Ruth Wodak in Critical Discourse Analysis, Wulf Kansteiner in Cultural Memory Studies, Joep Leerssen in Imagology and  Stefan Berger in Historiography.

Timetable of the conference :

Thursday, 9 March | 13:00 – 18:15

Friday, 10 March | 09:00 – 19:30

Saturday, 11 March | 09:30 – 13:30

The conference is organized by :

Jonny Johnston, Government of Ireland Postgraduate Research Scholar

Professor Jürgen Barkhoff, Chair of German (1776) and Head of School, Languages, Literatures and Cultural Studies

Professor J.T Leerssen, Chair of European Studies and Modern European Literature, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands


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