Once upon a time in Dublin

If you are interested in movies and understand the origin of the title, you can’t miss the Audi Dublin International Film Festival (ADIFF). Films from the whole world will be shown and none are expected to be no good, bad or ugly. It will be the 10th edition and we have to get full metal jacket for the expected emotions.


It will start this Thursday and last till February the 28th. Everybody will find something for themselves. The old movies, classics, new ones, best international. Those who wants to ask some questions to a directors, actors or producers, should also visit the official site and book a tickets.


There will be three three categories of awards. First, for career achievements. Real achievements. Playing the statist in history movie doesn’t count. I will give you just a few names of recent winners to show how prestigious is this award. Al Pacino, Tim Roth, Terry Gilliam, Danny DeVito, Paolo Sorrentino etc.


The second group of distinctions is for ‘the bests’, similar to the other festivals. A films, actors, screenplays, directors, documentaries and debutes. If these awards are unachievable for Irish artists, they will receive some for beating compatriots (‘Best Irish Feature’ and ‘Best Irish Documentary’).


Obviously the public will also have a right to choose their favourites. For some participants these awards are most important. You make the movies for people. If you think that what you create is fantastic but people are throwing tomatoes in your direction, you are probably wrong. ‘The Special Jury Prizes’ will be also distributed. But I don’t like these kind of awards. Just to be honest. Most movies judges are the people who weren’t able to succeed in the industry. Movies are for audience and this is the reason you should go to Dublin festival.


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