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If you are living in private rented accommodation you pay rent either directly to your landlord or to an agent on behalf of the landlord. Usually, the amount of rent payable is negotiated between you and the landlord at the start of the tenancy. Your landlord should record all rent payments in your rent book. If your landlord wants to increase the rent he/she must follow certain procedures.

If you are living in private rented accommodation and pay income tax, you may be eligible for tax relief on part of your rent.

If you are finding it difficult to pay your rent you may apply for Rent Supplement.  The rules for Rent Supplement are complex. In general, if your only income is a social welfare or Health Service Executive payment you will get Rent Supplement.  You will not get Rent Supplement if you are in full-time employment, however, you may be able to retain your Rent Supplement if you have been unemployed for 12 months and are returning to work. To see if you qualify visit the Housing Assistance Payment page

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