Selfies kill more humans than shark attacks

A survey shows that taking a picture of yourself can be more dangerous than swimming with sharks.

A study conducted by Mashable technology site shows that the number of deaths caused by selfies in 2015 is higher than deaths caused by shark attacks . There were 12 fatal accidents caused by the act of taking pictures of themselves against eight shark attacks .

The last case happened last week . A Japanese tourist died after tumbling off a ladder while trying to make a selfie at the Taj Mahal,India. This kind of accident is the most common among deaths caused by selfie. Four of the 12 fatalities were people falling while trying to take a picture of themselves. Second, the selfies taken on moving trains.

The concern with the phenomenon is so bad that the Russian government launched a campaign in July this year to raise awareness about the dangers of selfies . A National Park in Colorado, USA , has closed the doors because the visitors couldn´t stop taking selfies with bears .

  • Flávia Lovisi

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