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Boosting your immune system against the coronavirus

By Nicholas Lane / March 20, 2020

How to strengthen your immune system and stay healthy for your friends, family, and self, during the Covid-19 pandemic. To fight this virus, the current advice from professionals is to wash hands frequently, respect social distancing, and upon showing symptoms, self-isolate and contact a GP remotely. We all have vulnerable people in our lives, so it’s […]


Stay fit, stay healthy: Quarantine home workout plan

By Nicholas Lane / March 18, 2020

Staying physically fit boosts your immune system, so here are some simple bodyweight workout exercises that will keep you healthy, happy, and busy at home during Ireland’s quarantine lockdown.  As you may have heard, Ireland is experiencing a slight period of uncertainty at the moment. The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has led to the […]


Top 5 events in Dublin Saturday 29th February

By Nicholas Lane / February 29, 2020

In the blink of an eye, February 2020 is behind us. Once every four years though, the month gets an extra day, so ladies get your rings ready, witches light your cauldrons, because this Saturday is a leap day. Here’s how to make this extra day count with a selection of the best events happening […]


Top 5 events in Dublin Thursday 20th February

By Nicholas Lane / February 20, 2020

The weekend is almost upon us. Between comedy bingo, Irish trad sessions, and food festivals, Dublin has a lot to offer if you’re eager to let your hair down early. Can’t wait to get the weekend started? Ease into the celebrations with Babylon’s choice of the top 5 hottest events happening in Dublin tonight. Voices […]


Top 5 events in Dublin Monday 17th February

By Nicholas Lane / February 17, 2020

Happy Monday folks! We at Babylon Radio know that a good start can make or break your week, so we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 events happening in Dublin tonight.  With storm Dennis still knocking over bins and whistling down our chimney’s, your best bet today is to stay cosy. That’s why we’ve […]


Top 5 events for Wednesday 12th February

By Nicholas Lane / February 12, 2020

Halfway through the week and we’re already running out of steam. It’s easy to understand why, considering it’s mid-February, it’s still getting dark in the afternoon, and suddenly we have to deal with smatterings of snow and ice. But the team at Babylon prides itself in finding ways to keep you warm and happy. Between […]


Top 5 events Sunday 9th February

By Nicholas Lane / February 9, 2020

Sunday isn’t the easiest day to find something to do in Dublin. Half of Ireland emulates the religious ‘day of rest’ speel, while the other half look for a way to squeeze the last few drops of joy out of the weekend. Here’s Babylon’s top picks for events in Dublin this Sunday.  Spike Cello Festival  […]


The best English schools in Dublin

By Nicholas Lane / January 29, 2020

Over the past number of years, Dublin’s friendly environment, contemporary facilities, and booming job market have made it one of the most popular destinations for learning English in the world. As one of the 23 official languages of the European Union, and with more speakers than any other language across the planet,  learning English is […]


Top 5 events 26rd of December

By Luana Borges / December 26, 2019

  Top 5 events 26rd of December In this Thursday after Christmas, Babylon Radio provides you with the TOP 5 EVENTS for today. You just have to choose! What will you do today? Levon Vincent, Perc & Subject DJs at Wigwam Subject return to Middle Abbey Street for a Twisted Pepper-esque, access all area’s, St. […]


Top 5 events 10th of December in Dublin

By Marta Molteni / December 10, 2019

Top 5 events for the 10th of December Are you ready to enjoy a fantastic Tuesday full of events? Babylon Radio provides for you a list of the Top 5 events in Dublin for today.   Trinity Evening Lecture Series: English Literature 2019 This course will provide an introduction to major authors of poetry, drama […]

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