Storytelling in the Chester Beatty Library

The Chester Beatty Library is organising an event called “Storytelling” this Sunday 12th of March. Firstly, you will have the opportunity to listen to Japanese stories while learning about history, culture and legends. Roisin Murphy will accompany you on this amazing journey through the exotic world of Geishas, Samurais and Japanese folklore. While you are listening to plot-twisted stories, you will also have the opportunity to admire The Art of Friendship : Japanese Surimono Prints.Surimono literally means “printed thing”. It is a special genre of Japanese woodblock prints, which connect art with poetry. The most common topics are about the Kabuki theatre, historical events and scenes from nature.

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Storytelling starts at 3 pm and lasts 30 minutes. Admission is free

One week later on 18th of March, you will have another opportunity to listen to Roisin Murphy. However, this time, he will tell you fantastic Irish folklore stories, which have been passed down through the generations.The stories will be told both in Irish and English, so you will have the amazing experience of listening to the Irish language.The most popular Irish legends, you may hear, are mystical stories, which introduce you into the Celtic world.

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Storytelling starts at 1 pm and is free.


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