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Best Irish Authors

By Katy Thornton / September 18, 2020

An Irish Author for Everyone I always feel a huge sense of pride when I pick up a book by an Irish author. Our island may be small, but there is an abundance of fantastic authors out there creating enthralling and compelling stories. Whether that be writers who have now since passed, or contemporary authors, […]


Dublin public libraries: the effect of the pandemic

By Judit Sadurni / September 8, 2020

The pandemic has built a global consciousness about what we need and what is expendable for us. These days have been a roller coaster: a lot of questions, loneliness and nostalgia; but also, more time for ourselves, for introspection and reflection. Generally, quarantine has become a difficult and unstable situation that has considerably affected culture. […]


7 places to buy used books in Dublin

By Marieke Oggel / September 5, 2020

There is much to be said for buying used books. They’re more affordable, better for the environment, and have a particular old book smell to them that you can’t find anywhere else. They’re a little worn in already, so the stakes are lower for coffee spills and cracking the spine. There’s also something very charming […]


7 books set in Dublin

By Kamila Mushkina / August 24, 2020

Dublin has been an inspiration for many writers from the early 1900s to the present day. Dublin plays such a role in these novels that it can be considered a character in itself. Here is the list of books set in Dublin city. Ulysses by James Joyce The most important book of modernist literature is […]


11 Irish Nobel Prize Winners

By Veronica De Biasio / July 14, 2020

The Nobel Prize is the most important acknowledgement in the whole world annually assigned to personalities that distinguished themselves for their work and their contribution in the various fields of human knowledge, and their commitment to world peace. The prizes were first awarded in 1901 in Chemistry, Literature, Peace, Physics, and Physiology or Medicine. Who […]


Contemporary Irish literature – from 60s until today

By Kamila Mushkina / July 13, 2020

Welcome to the third part of our journey across Irish literature! In the first part, we talked about Irish literature from the arrival of Christianity to the Middle Ages. The second part of our Irish literature series was dedicated to the period from the 16th century until the 1960s. Check the previous parts if you […]


10 Irish children’s books

By Kamila Mushkina / July 8, 2020

Irish children’s books offer engaging stories and colourful illustrations. Plus, they can take a child on a journey across Irish ancient legends and modern fairytales. If you want your child to learn more about Ireland, consider one of these books by Irish authors!


Irish Literature – from 16th century to 60s

By Veronica De Biasio / July 3, 2020

Welcome back! Curious about Irish Literature? We have talked about from the arrival of Christianity to the Middle Ages in the first part. If you missed it, take a look here. If you want to learn more about how history affects literature, you’re in the right place! The modern period Throughout the 16th century, English […]


Irish Literature – from Christianity to Middle Ages

By Veronica De Biasio / June 26, 2020

Irish literature offers a profound legacy and many novelties in the word literary landscape. Ireland is the birthplace of many Oscar winners. Ireland’s enormous culture is proud of the great artists who have managed to achieve resounding success around the globe. But when did the first literary works begin? Irish literature beginning We know little […]


Linda Ervine – Irish language thriving in East Belfast

By Niall Ó Brolcháin / June 24, 2020

Linda Ervine’s interview video at the bottom of the article I first met Linda Ervine, a proud Unionist and Protestant from East Belfast, a few years ago in Gweedore, County Donegal.  We were attending an intensive, residential one-week Gaeilge or Irish language course. I had a great night over a few pints with Linda and […]