Surrealistic world of Hüseyin Şahin

Surrealism is a 20th century movement in literature and arts. The aim was to “resolve the previously contradictory conditions of dream and reality”. Surrealism depicts the twisted minds of artists who combine reality with dreams. You never know what to expect when looking at surrealistic art. It mingles elements from the reality with unlimited imagination. The movement started in 1920 and spread through the entire world. It affected not only arts but also music, film and many other types of art.

Nowadays, we can still admire surrealistic artists. One of them is Turkish artist Huseyin Sahin. His motto says that “facts are not beautiful”, which exactly describes his art. Sahin creates a poetic universe and illusionary world, which slightly sneaks out into reality. He shows that humanity, nature and imagination might mingle with each other. He uses digital photography which he edits to turn into a fantasy world. However, there is a narrow line between dream and nightmare in this art. Sahin definitely proves that beautiful fantasy may unexpectedly turn into a disturbing dream.

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