Sweeney Todd Musical

Sweeney Todd is one of the most recognisable characters from the short story “The String of Pearls” from the Victorian short story collection Penny Dreadful. The inspiration was drawn from British urban legends. It was repeated so many times, that after some time, the story about Sweeney Todd became well-known. That is the reason why Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheeler decided to write a musical describing the story.

Nowadays, the tale about the cruel villain is mostly known from the Tim Burton movie “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street”. The main character is played by Johnny Depp and is supported by Helena Bonham Carter. The plot is about the main character Todd, who is a barber and has his own barber shop. However, Todd is not a common barber. Instead of cutting beards and hair of his clients, he uses  razors in a different way. His way of taking care of clients is a bit bloody and messy and they mostly end up in a basement after their visit at the barber shop. This dark comedy has fans in the entire world. As a result of that the musical has become very popular.

You can watch the musical at the O’ Reilly Theatre in Dublin from 4h to 8th April. The musical is performed by the Teacher’s Musical Society, which was formed with Eoin Cannon as a director, Dermot O’ Callaghan as a musical director and Mary McDonagh as a choreographer.

The Teacher’s Musical Society consists of many talented actors and actress.

The tickets cost 15/20 euros


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